[Intro: Junior H]
Luna, dile tú
Que tú eres la única que la puede mirar, ah-ah-ah

[Verso 1: Peso Pluma & Junior H]
Luna, dile tú
Que tú eres la única que la puede mirar
En el paisaje cuando la marea estuvo alta fuiste estrella fugaz, ah-ah

[Coro: Peso Pluma]
Mi luna tú la ves por siempre
Dile que no me verá
Pero tú sí estarás

[Interludio: Junior H & Peso Pluma]
Compa Junior
Que siga la mata dando, viejo
Pa’ la plebita
Pura Doble P, chiquitita
Junior H

[Verso 2: Junior H & Peso Pluma]
Tiempo pa’ saber que tú ya estás con otro
Y espero te cuide biеn, eh-eh
Sé que dondе estés te acordarás de todo lo que contigo pasé, eh-eh-eh

[Coro: Junior H]
Mi luna tú la ves por siempre
Dile que no me verá
Pero tú sí estarás

[Outro Instrumental]

FAQ: Peso Pluma’s “LUNA” with Junior H

PESO PLUMA La Bebe Lyrics

What is the topic of “LUNA” the song?

The Peso Pluma music “LUNA” is a sincere request to the moon to keep an eye on a fallen love. The singer begs the moon to watch over and take care of them in the lyrics, which portray it as the only thing that can see the person they have lost. The song discusses the hurt of losing a loved one to someone else and finds comfort in the knowledge that the moon will always be there to protect their bond.

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Which artists are responsible for “LUNA”?

Peso Pluma bio performs the song “LUNA” with Junior H. Rapper, musician, and singer Peso Pluma (real name Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija) is well-known in Mexico for his contributions to the corridos tumbados subgenre. Antonio Herrera Pérez, better known as Junior H, is a Mexican singer-songwriter who is well-known for his contributions to the corridos tumbados subgenre.

What category does “LUNA” fall under?

“LUNA” is a part of the corridos tumbados genre, which is a blend of reggaeton, trap, and urban music with traditional corridos. This genre is renowned for its storytelling style, which frequently focuses on feelings, experiences, and modern living.

“LUNA” was released when?

The information provided does not include a specific release date for “LUNA”. Still, it’s a component of Peso Pluma and Junior H’s ongoing musical collaborations from recent years.

What distinguishes “LUNA” in the discography of Junior H and Peso Pluma?

With its profound emotional content and original approach—addressing the moon as a companion and protector of lost love—”LUNA” stands out among their repertoire. In contrast to many corridos, which concentrate on stories of struggles or victories in life, “LUNA” explores the universal theme of love and loss, which makes it a moving and realistic song.

Has “LUNA” won any honors or gained any noteworthy recognition?

No particular honors or recognitions for “LUNA” are mentioned in the material that has been provided. But for their contributions to the corridos tumbados genre and their ability to engage listeners through music, Peso Pluma and Junior H have both won praise.

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How can “LUNA” be listened to?

“LUNA” can be listened to and viewed on other music streaming services, such as YouTube, where lyrics and translations are also accessible. Through these facilities, fans of Peso Pluma and Junior H can listen to and enjoy the song, appreciating its musical creation and rich lyrical content.


ArtistPeso Pluma featuring Junior H
GenreCorridos Tumbados
Release DateJune 30, 2023
ThemesLonging, unrequited love, asking the moon to watch over a lost love
Notable Lyrics“Moon, you tell her / That you are the only one that can see her”
“Take care of her / My moon, you’ll always see her / Tell her that she won’t see me”
Translation ServiceLyricFluent1, Genius English Translations
Music VideoAvailable on YouTube
Learning AspectLyricFluent offers a service to learn Spanish with music, including the song “LUNA”
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