Latin Electronic Top 10 Songs: Beats That Will Make You Move

Latin Electronic has made a name for itself in the always changing music industry, captivating and energizing listeners all over the world. This genre has a distinctive sound that is both inventive and contagious. It combines ancient Latin rhythms with the contemporary pulse of electronic beats. At R5, we’re all about getting lost in the music and discovering the beats that get our feet tapping and our hearts racing.

We’re excited to present to you today the best of Latin Electronic music, a playlist that will brighten your speakers and improve your attitude. Latin Electronic music is a testament to the complex cultural tapestry of Latin America, blended with the cutting-edge sounds of electronic music, from the seductive streets of Havana to the busy nightlife of São Paulo.

It’s a genre that defies categorization, always pushing the envelope and experimenting with unconventional sounds, rhythms, and partnerships. Let’s get down to some Latin Electronic music as we prepare to reveal our top ten selections. This playlist is your entryway to the vibrant core of the music, regardless of your level of experience.

Turn up the music, surrender to the beats, and go with us on this thrilling musical adventure.

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Latin Electronic Top 10 Songs

Baila Conmigo / Víctor Cárdenas

Explore the core of Latin Electronic music with our selection. “Baila Conmigo” by Víctor Cárdenas is notable for its inventive fusion of futuristic electronic beats and traditional Latin instruments. An outstanding masterpiece that epitomizes the genre. Play music via Spotify.

D2OS: The Raising Star

D2OS is a newcomer to the Latin Electronic industry, but their enthralling sound is already creating waves. Their combination of pulsing techno rhythms and poignant lyrics in “Rising Artist” is a testament to their talent. It’s a song that establishes them as a must-watch performer and highlights their potential. Play music via Spotify.

Mena Javiera – Espada

With its electric electronic energy, this song is a colorful celebration of Latin culture. “Espada” by Javiera Mena makes you stand up, and it has a rhythm that makes your heart race. A party playlist must have this song. Play music via Spotify.

KLK – Arca (with Rosalía)

The laid-back vibe of Arca’s “KLK” featuring Rosalía, with its seamless fusion of Latin beats and electronic sounds, is ideal for unwinding or creating a relaxed atmosphere. It demonstrates the genre’s adaptability and capacity for resonance on various levels.

This song, which boldly combines several genres, exemplifies Deorro’s creative approach to music production. “Bailar” defies convention and entices listeners to delve deeper into the realm of Latin Electronic music.

Sinego (with Maluma) – Qué Chimba

A song that perfectly encapsulates summertime by fusing electronic beats with tropical rhythms to produce a cool, yet energetic, sound. “Qué Chimba” by Sinego is the ideal background music for your upcoming road trip or beach party.

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Quevedo and Bizarrap in BZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 52

This song, which combines moving lyrics with a complex electronic soundscape, stands out for its emotional depth. Quevedo and Bizarrap’s duet appeals to the soul and demonstrates the expressive potential of Latin Electronic music.

Read more on Quevedo:

Parque de Bugambilias – Palmasur (ft. Dengue Dengue Dengue)

This song is likely to make everyone dance, thanks to its catchy tune and irresistible tempo. “Parque de Bugambilias” by Palmasur is a colorful celebration of life that perfectly captures the spirit and vigor of Latin Electronic music.

Antes Que Se Acabe by Caleb Calloway (feat. Bad Bunny)

This song is an auditory voyage that combines cutting-edge electronic production with classic Latin themes. “Antes Que Se Acabe” by Caleb Calloway is an example of how inventive and inspirational the genre can be, providing a distinctive auditory experience.

Colibria by Nicola Cruz

“Colibria,” a song by Nicola Cruz that aptly captures the essence of Latin Electronic music, completes our list. This song combines the greatest elements of both genres to create a sound that is both wholly original and recognizable. Play music via Spotify.

Key Information Latin Electronic Top 10 Songs

RankArtistSong TitleDescription
1Víctor CárdenasBaila ConmigoAn innovative blend of traditional Latin instruments with futuristic electronic beats.
2D2OSRising ArtistA fresh face in the Latin Electronic scene, combining heartfelt lyrics with pulsating electronic rhythms.
3Javiera MenaEspadaA vibrant celebration of Latin culture, wrapped in the electrifying energy of electronic music.
4ArcaKLK (feat. Rosalía)A smooth blend of electronic sounds and Latin beats, perfect for a chill vibe.
5DeorroBailar (feat. Elvis Crespo)A bold fusion of genres, showcasing an innovative approach to music production.
6SinegoQué Chimba (feat. Maluma)Captures the essence of summer, blending tropical rhythms with electronic beats.
7BizarrapBZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 52 (feat. Quevedo)Combines poignant lyrics with a rich electronic soundscape, highlighting the emotive power of the genre.
8PalmasurParque de Bugambilias (feat. Dengue Dengue Dengue)A crowd-pleaser with an infectious beat and catchy melody.
9Caleb CallowayAntes Que Se Acabe (feat. Bad Bunny)A journey through sound, blending traditional Latin elements with avant-garde electronic production.
10Nicola CruzColibriaPerfectly encapsulates the spirit of Latin Electronic music, offering a sound that’s both familiar and new.


Our mission at R5 is to celebrate music that inspires us, and this playlist is a celebration of the colorful and exciting genre of Latin Electronic music. The great talent and diversity found in the Latin Electronic industry are showcased by each tune on this list, which provides a unique look into the genre. So, this playlist has something for everyone, whether your goal is to dance the night away or just take in the diverse range of music. Explore, dive in, and let the rhythm carry you on a memorable adventure.

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