PESO PLUMA 30 Tiros Lyrics

PESO PLUMA 30 Tiros Lyrics

PESO PLUMA 30 Tiros Lyrics

[Letra de “30 Tiros”]

30 tiros en la Mágnum
Marca aquel que la portamos
Ya, ya se van a jalar
Comencé lavando carros
Cuando el señor me echo la mano
Y empecé a billetes a generar

Festivales en Europa con mi güero a un lado
Y mis carnales
De Supreme vamos todos bien trajeados
Yeezy’s en los pies, dripping everywhere
Para entender

Hay le va compa Ferri
Puro peso pluma
JA!, ¿y qué?

Reservado y aventado
Nunca le tiembla la mano
Y al jugar, el ganar bien se le da
Animales exportados
Y por Ibiza anda enfiestado
Dom Perignon verde, pa’ variar

Festivales en Europa con mi güero a un lado
Y mis carnales
De Supreme vamos todos bien trajeados
Yeezy’s en los pies, dripping everywhere
Para entender

FAQ: Peso Pluma’s “30 Tiros”

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What’s the story behind “30 Tiros”?

Peso Pluma music “30 Tiros” tells the story of a journey from impoverished beginnings to prosperity and wealth. The song’s lyrics talk about going from washing cars to making money, going to European festivals, and living a lavish lifestyle. The song explores themes of aspiration, development, and changing situations in life.

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Peso Pluma is a person who?

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, better known by his stage name Peso Pluma. Peso Pluma bio is a well-known rapper and vocalist from Mexico who has made significant contributions to the local music scene. His music frequently combines contemporary urban elements with traditional Mexican sounds, making him a pivotal player in the development of the genre.

What is meant by “30 Tiros”?

“30 Tiros” means “30 Shots” in English. This could allude to a gun’s capacity or represent strength and preparedness for obstacles. The song conveys power and resiliency with this imagery.

What does it mean when the songs refer to “Supreme” and “Yeezy’s”?

The lyrics allude to a luxurious and affluent lifestyle by mentioning brands like Supreme and Yeezy’s. These companies symbolize the journey from modest beginnings to a life of riches and prominence because they are linked to high fashion and exclusivity.

Is Peso Pluma’s real-life experiences the basis for “30 Tiros”?

Although Peso Pluma’s experiences in the music industry may have served as inspiration for the song, artists frequently utilize imaginative narrative to address larger concerns. Thus, “30 Tiros” can be seen as a story that speaks to listeners who want to overcome adversity and succeed as well as a reflection of personal development.

Has “30 Tiros” encountered any negative press?

According to the available data, there isn’t any specific controversy cited in relation to “30 Tiros.” Still, it is not unusual for songs that deal with themes of wealth, power, and lifestyle to provoke conversation among reviewers and listeners alike.

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What is the audience reaction to “30 Tiros”?

Peso Pluma’s music, especially “30 Tiros,” has been well-received for its catchy melodies, relatable lyrics, and fusion of traditional and modern musical components, even though exact reception details are not given. His career success in the music business indicates that listeners and fans have responded well to him.

About PESO PLUMA 30 Tiros Lyrics

Title30 Tiros
ArtistPeso Pluma
ThemesSuccess story, transformation from humble beginnings to wealth, celebration of luxury lifestyle, camaraderie
Lyric Highlights– Starting from washing cars to generating wealth
– Attending festivals in Europe with friends
– Dressed in Supreme and Yeezy’s, symbolizing luxury
– Mention of “30 tiros en la Mágnum” indicating power or readiness
Release DateJune 3, 2022
Music VideoDirected by Barush, featuring scenes of luxury and success
Cultural References– Supreme and Yeezy’s as symbols of high fashion
– European festivals as a sign of international success
– Dom Perignon, a luxury champagne, indicating wealth
Translation Note“Güero” refers to a light-skinned or blonde person, indicating a close friend or associate in this context
Musical GenreAcoustic corrido, a modern take on traditional Mexican storytelling ballad
SignificanceReflects Peso Pluma’s personal journey and broader themes of ambition and achievement within the context of regional Mexican music
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