PESO PLUMA Siempre Pendientes Lyrics

PESO PLUMA Siempre Pendientes Lyrics

PESO PLUMA Siempre Pendientes Lyrics

[Letra de “Siempre Pendientes”]

[Verso 1: Peso Pluma & Luis R. Conriquez]
Siempre pendiente
Porque el gobierno es muy inteligente
Yo voy pa’l frente
Y atrás de mí se ve un manchón de gente
Traigo en las cachas orgullosamente
Mandan los jefes
Yo cuido el área, aquí nadie se mete

En una Urus me salgo a pasear
Diez camionetas se miran atrás
Cuido la plaza del señor Guzmán
Y al Piyi traigo de anillo de seguridad

[Interludio: Luis R. Conriquez & Peso Pluma]
Y puros corridos beliconеs
Y échele, Peso Pluma
Algo bello, compa Luis R

[Verso 2: Luis R. Conriquez & Peso Pluma]
Haciendo verdes
Con la bandera del Iván, y vienen
Varias Cheyennes
Siguen las órdenes del 09
Soy descendiente
Y con la tía, me vine a los trece
Fórjense plebes
Está tranquilo, dice el 27

En una Urus me salgo a pasear
Diez camionetas se miran atrás
Cuido la plaza del señor Guzmán
Y al Piyi traigo de anillo de seguridad

[Outro: Peso Pluma]
Pura doble P

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FAQ About Peso Pluma’s “Siempre Pendientes”

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What is “Siempre Pendientes”‘ central idea?

The main theme of the song “Siempre Pendientes” is the lifestyle that is associated with the cartel, emphasizing elements of power, loyalty, and alertness as well as the harsh reality of living in such a setting.

Who are the “Siempre Pendientes” artists?

Peso Pluma music and Luis R. Conriquez, who are both well-known for their contributions to the contemporary corridos and bandas music scenes, collaborated on “Siempre Pendientes”.

What is the English translation of “Siempre Pendientes”?

“Siempre Pendientes” means “Always Ready” or “Always Aware” in English, implying a state of alertness that is never-ending.

What meaning do the lyrics of “Siempre Pendientes” have?

The message of the song is to always stay alert, especially when it comes to government intelligence. It shows a group guarding a territory and making sure that no one tampers with their activities. The song makes explicit allusions—like “JGL”—to allude to relationships with prominent personalities in the cartel world.

What is the crowd reaction to “Siempre Pendientes”?

“Siempre Pendientes” has received a lot of attention and streams, which suggests that listeners who enjoy corridos and traditional Mexican music like it. However, because it glorifies the lifestyle of the cartel, it has also generated controversy added in Peso Pluma bio.

Does the song contain any noteworthy references?

Yes, there are specific allusions in the song to “JGL,” which stands for Joaquín Guzmán Loera’s initials. El Chapo, or El Chapo, is a well-known person in the world of cartels. This emphasizes the song’s lyrical focus on cartel life, along with other allusions.

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Has there been any criticism of “Siempre Pendientes”?

Yes, “Siempre Pendientes” and other songs that celebrate cartel culture have come under fire for encouraging an unsafe and illicit way of life. Critics contend that by romanticizing criminal activity, this kind of music may have a detrimental effect on society.

What genre does “Siempre Pendientes” belong to musically?

“Siempre Pendientes” is distinguished by its contemporary corrido style, which blends traditional Mexican musical elements with modern sounds and themes pertaining to the lifestyle of cartels.

Does “Siempre Pendientes” qualify as a storytelling genre?

Yes, “Siempre Pendientes” may be viewed as a storytelling technique that emphasizes themes of survival, power, and loyalty while using music to describe events and reality connected to the cartel lifestyle.

About PESO PLUMA Siempre Pendientes Lyrics

TitleSiempre Pendientes
ArtistsPeso Pluma & Luis R Conriquez
Lyrics ThemeVigilance and power within a cartel, government intelligence, protection, and loyalty
Notable References“JGL” (potentially referring to Joaquín Guzmán Loera), “Iván”, “09”, “27”, “Piyi”
Vehicles MentionedUrus (likely referring to a Lamborghini Urus), Cheyennes (likely referring to Chevy trucks)
Release DateAugust 15, 2022
Lyrics Highlights– Always vigilant because the government is smart
– Leading with a crowd behind
– Proudly carrying “JGL” on the gun handles
– Taking care of the area, ensuring no interference
– Protecting Mr. Guzmán’s plaza
– Bringing “Piyi” as a ring of security
– Following orders from “09”
– Mention of being a descendant and coming with “la tía” at thirteen
– “Making greens” with Iván’s flag
– “Fórjense plebes” as a call to be strong, with “27” indicating tranquility
English TranslationAvailable on Musixmatch
Music VideoAvailable on YouTube
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