IVAN CORNEJO Baby Please Lyrics

IVAN CORNEJO Baby Please Lyrics

IVAN CORNEJO Baby Please Lyrics

[Letra de “Baby Please”]

Ya me entró el alcohol
Y me llené con ganas de salir y buscarme a alguien que ame como tú
Sé que tu amor fue irreemplazable
Ruego que haya solución porque este amor duele cabrón

[Verso 1]
Pensé en mudarme a lugar muy lejos de aquí
Pa’ no recordarme de mi tesoro que perdí
Pensé en largarme a un lugar muy lejos de ti
Pero no me puedo ver sin ti
Son besos de los quе te di
Pedazos de mí tú mе robaste
De coraje me llenaste, baby, please
Déjate venir, piensa un poco en mí
Baby, piensa en mí, baby

Piénsalo, tú y yo empezamos desde cero como antes
No olvidamos del ayer, enamorarnos otra vez
Piénsalo, tú y yo sin celos como la primera vez
No enseñamos a querer, pero esta vez hay que hacerlo bien

[Verso 2]
Y hay que hacerlo bien, hay que hacerlo mal
Hay que hacerlo mal
Eso no me importa, yo solo quiero que seas mía
Sin pagar la renta vives en mí
No hay una manera de irte de aquí
Sin embargo, para ti fue fácil apagar la llama que prendí en ti
Lo que tú necesites de mí
Cúlpame, pero no me dejes de amar
Hazme todo menos dejarme ir
Bote tras bote, más escribo de ti
Soy todo, soy un montón
Pero, ¿por qué dijiste: “Puedes aguantar”?
Recuérdate, recuérdate, oh-oh

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Piénsalo, tú y yo empezamos desde cero como antes
No olvidamos del ayer, enamorarnos otra vez
Piénsalo, tú y yo sin celos como la primera vez
No enseñamos a querer, pero esta vez hay que hacerlo bien

(Piensa en mí)
Baby, please

FAQ: “Baby Please” by Ivan Cornejo

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Why is “Baby Please” even a thing?

Ivan Cornejo’s mournful ballad “Baby Please” explores the themes of desire, lost love, and the difficulty of moving on from a previous relationship. The song’s lyrics capture the inner turmoil of clinging to memories while attempting to move on from a breakup, expressing the singer’s grief and longing for a woman who no longer belongs in his life.

“Baby Please” was written by who?

Ivan Cornejo and Frank Rio wrote the song “Baby Please”.

“Baby Please” was produced by who?

Frank Rio was the producer and composer of “Baby Please”.

“Baby Please” was released when?

On March 14, 2024, “Baby Please” was made available.

What is the song “Baby Please”‘s position in the charts?

“Baby Please” debuted at No. 8 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs list in the week of March 30, 2024, and quickly gained major traction on the music charts. It debuted at No. 956 on the overall Billboard Hot 100 and reached the top 10 on the Latin Streaming Songs list.

Why is “Baby Please” different?

“Baby Please” has a distinct Sad Sierreño heartbroken song style that perfectly captures the melancholic, melancholic tone that is Ivan Cornejo’s trademark. The phrase “Without paying rent, you live in me,” which emphasizes the loved one’s ongoing presence in the singer’s thoughts, is just one example of how the song employs metaphorical language to express strong emotional meanings.

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What response has “Baby Please” received from the crowd?

Both listeners and critics have reacted favorably to the song, with many applauding its moving lyrics and the way it connects with the emotional feelings of going through a breakup. “Baby Please” was so popular that it had 352,601 views on YouTube in the first 19 hours after it was released.

Ivan Cornejo wrote “Baby Please” for what reason?

“Baby Please” was written by Ivan Cornejo music at a low point after a breakup, portraying the contradictory emotions of despising the attachment to a prior love and treasured the idea of rekindling that romance. The song expresses the longing and anguish felt at such vulnerable moments.

About IVAN CORNEJO Baby Please Lyrics

IntroThe protagonist is feeling the effects of alcohol and is overwhelmed with the desire to find someone who loves like their past love. They acknowledge the irreplaceable nature of their past love and express a desperate plea for a solution to their pain.The introduction sets the emotional tone of the song, highlighting the protagonist’s struggle with moving on and the deep pain caused by the lost love.
Verse 1The singer contemplates moving far away to escape the memories of their lost love. Despite considering leaving, they realize they cannot imagine life without their former partner. They reminisce about the intimate moments shared and express anger and hurt, begging their partner to reconsider.This verse delves into the protagonist’s internal conflict and longing for their past love, emphasizing the depth of their emotional attachment and the pain of separation.
ChorusThe chorus calls for a fresh start, reminiscent of the beginning of their relationship, where they could love each other without jealousy or resentment. They express a desire to recapture the magic of their initial romance and emphasize the importance of doing things right this time.The chorus reflects the protagonist’s yearning for reconciliation and a second chance at love, highlighting the hope for a renewed relationship without past mistakes.
Verse 2The protagonist expresses a willingness to endure anything as long as their partner stays with them, metaphorically stating that their lover resides within them without needing to pay rent. Despite the difficulty of letting go, they beg their partner not to stop loving them and plead for another chance to make things right.This verse further explores the protagonist’s conflicting emotions, showcasing their desperation and willingness to do anything for another chance at love.
OutroThe outro reinforces the plea for their partner to think about them and not leave. The repetition of “Baby, please” underscores the desperation and longing for reconciliation.The outro emphasizes the protagonist’s deep longing for their partner to reconsider their decision and the pain of potentially losing them forever.
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