[Letra de “NUEVA VIDA”]


[Verso 1]
La noche ha llegado, ya estoy preparado
Un buen White Recluse a mí me ven forjando
Siempre bien tranquilo, nunca ando de ondeado
Me gusta hacer gente, yo nunca me rajo
Veintitrés y ya ando de arriba pa’ abajo
Voy por buen camino, siempre lo he notado
Buenos amigos los que a mí me han rodeado
Siempre al cien con los que me echaron la mano
Rodeado de lujos y no materiales
Siempre buena vida me dieron mis padres
El viejo en el cielo siempre ha de guiarme
Para que en la vida salgan bien los planes

Ahí le va, jefazo
Hasta el cielo, viejo
Pura Doble P, viejo, a la verga

[Verso 2]
Hoy todo ha cambiado, no voy a negarlo
Pensamientos nuevos son los que ya cargo
Una nueva vida la que me estoy dando
Poco a poco envidias se van presentando
El tiempo es muy sabio y responde preguntas
Y a mí no me asusta cargar con la duda
Siempre bien pendiente mi compita Rulas
Soy de perfil bajo, así nadie me busca

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Nadie me busca

FAQ regarding Peso Pluma’s “NUEVA VIDA”

PESO PLUMA Mil Historias Lyrics

What is the subject matter of Peso Pluma’s song “NUEVA VIDA”?

Peso Pluma music “NUEVA VIDA” tells the story of his struggle to accept a new stage in life and his own metamorphosis. The song’s lyrics are a reflection of his past experiences, his family’s and friends’ support, and his openness to change. The song’s message is one of personal development, regeneration, and having the guts to walk a different route.

Peso Pluma is a person who?

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, better known by his stage name Peso Pluma, is a Mexican singer, rapper, and songwriter who specializes in fusing contemporary trap and reggaeton components with classic Mexican music genres like corridos. He has received a great deal of notoriety and success in the music business.

Which themes run throughout “NUEVA VIDA”?

The main themes of “NUEVA VIDA” are evolution, maturation, the value of genuine friendships and family, and the artist’s resolve to live life independently of other people’s opinions and jealousies.

What kind of music is “NUEVA VIDA”?

“NUEVA VIDA” is a part of the corridos tumbados genre, which combines urban music genres like reggaeton and trap with traditional Mexican corridos.

What does “NUEVA VIDA” mean in the song’s title?

The phrase “NUEVA VIDA,” which means “New Life” in English, denotes the artist’s breaking away from his past and the start of a new phase of his life that will be characterized by growth and a new outlook.

Has “NUEVA VIDA” had any noteworthy success on the charts?

As of the knowledge cutoff date, no particular information was available regarding “NUEVA VIDA’s” chart performance. Other Peso Pluma tracks, such as “Ella Baila Sola,” have made a considerable impact on the charts, nevertheless. This song created history on the Billboard Hot 10.

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Can anyone provide me “NUEVA VIDA” lyrics?

Absolutely, you can get the lyrics to “NUEVA VIDA” on a number of lyric websites and song lyrics platforms.

What message does Peso Pluma hope to get across with “NUEVA VIDA”?

Peso Pluma bio want to share a message of resiliency, hope, and the strength of beginning again. The song expresses the artist’s thankfulness for the chance to start over and for a fresh start in life.

How have listeners reacted to Peso Pluma’s music?

Audiences have responded favorably to Peso Pluma’s music, especially because of its distinctive fusion of traditional Mexican music with modern components. His novel strategy has struck a chord with listeners both domestically and abroad.

Where can I listen to Peso Pluma’s “NUEVA VIDA”?

Peso Pluma’s “NUEVA VIDA” is available to stream on a number of music services, including YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify.


SectionLyrics ExcerptMeaning
Opening¡Chau! La noche ha llegado, ya estoy preparadoThe artist is ready to embrace the night, symbolizing readiness for change.
Verse 1Un buen White Recluse a mí me ven forjando…Peso Pluma talks about staying calm and being a good person, not backing down from challenges.
Verse 2Veintitrés y ya ando de arriba pa’ abajo…Reflecting on his journey and the good people around him, acknowledging his parents’ influence.
ChorusAhí le va, jefazo…A tribute to his father, indicating guidance from above.
Verse 3Hoy todo ha cambiado, no voy a negarlo…Acknowledging the changes in his life and the new path he’s on.
Verse 4El tiempo es muy sabio y responde preguntas…Expressing trust in time to provide answers and acknowledging his close friends.
OutroNadie me buscaEmphasizing a low profile and privacy in his new life.
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