New Singers 2024 Edition: Fresh Faces Redefining the Music Scene

The music landscape is constantly changing, and 2024 is no different. A new generation of artists is rising to prominence this year, winning our hearts, and taking over our playlists. These up-and-coming talents, who range from soulful singers to genre-bending innovators, are poised to completely change the music industry.

Every musical genre, from pop to hip-hop to indie to anything in between, has a new talent waiting to be discovered and become your next big thing. We at R5 (r5rocks.com) are thrilled to present to you the hottest new vocalists of 2024 in this post. These musicians are pushing boundaries, creating vibes, and starting trends in addition to producing music.

Put your headphones on, crank up the music, and get ready to discover your new musical favorites.

New Singers 2024 Edition


You must be aware of Tyla. This South African artist is fusing the catchy beats of amapiano, a house music subgenre, with modern pop. Her song “Water” gained billions of views after becoming viral and inspiring the “Water Challenge” on TikTok. Tyla creates uplifting music with inventive production and bright, energetic energy.

She has secured a place on the rosters of major festivals and is slated to release her debut album this year thanks to her distinctive sound and fascinating performances. Listen to her popular song “Water” on Spotify and YouTube.


The next performer is D2OS, a young artist who has been causing quite a stir in the Latin music landscape. D2OS is well-known for fusing many genres together, combining hip-hop, R&B, and reggaeton to create hits that are sure to make an impression. We have been listening to his new track “No Me Busques” nonstop; it’s a doozy.

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D2OS is undoubtedly someone to keep an eye on because of their talent for memorable tunes and silky voices. You can view more of his work on YouTube and groove to “No Me Busques” on TIDAL.

Beads by Chanel

Zachary Paul, Maya McGrory, and Shane Lavers are the electronic pop group Chanel Beads. They are currently one of the most talked-about new artists in New York because to their genre-bending hits. The dreamlike fusion of whimsical instrumentation and microtonal notes in Chanel Beads’ music results in a sound that is both distinctive and alluring.

Their next album is much awaited; it will be released under the Jagjaguwar label. Explore their universe by listening to their most recent songs on YouTube and Spotify.


BRITTI is introducing a novel blend of Nashville energy and New Orleans R&B. Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys produced her debut album, “Hello, I’m Britti,” which showcases her amazing vocals and fun coos. This album is a brilliant starburst of emotion and talent, driven by the pent-up energy of years of longing for a music career. Check out BRITTI’s music on YouTube and Spotify.

Carlisle Willi

Folk artist Willi Carlisle has a gift for telling tales. His music has a nostalgic yet contemporary tone since it combines old folk elements with contemporary views. With each note of his performances, Carlisle immerses the audience in his real and honest universe.

His fame is expected to rise even further as a result of his forthcoming performances at important festivals and new partnerships. Listen to and enjoy Willi Carlisle’s songs on YouTube and Spotify.

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NIIS is causing a stir in the Los Angeles punk scene with their distinct take on grunge, garage, punk, and hardcore. They have a sizable fan base thanks to their intense live shows and Mimi SanDoe’s spine-tingling voice. NIIS is expected to have a significant influence in 2024 thanks to a headline tour and an upcoming album. Check out their amazing music on YouTube and Spotify.

San Cha

San Cha is a cumbia singer that embellishes her songs with dramatic elements. To understand San Cha’s distinct style, picture a lavishly costumed, live-instrumented Spanish telenovela featuring queer love stories. “ASUNCÎON,” her next project, looks to be a fascinating fusion of performance art and music. Explore San Cha’s universe on YouTube and Spotify.

The extraordinary talent that will emerge in 2024 is far greater than these performers. These upcoming stars are going to blow up the music scene, so keep an ear out and your playlists updated.

Key Information New Singers 2024 Edition

ArtistGenreNotable WorkInteresting Facts
TylaContemporary Pop, Amapiano“Water”South African singer known for the viral “Water Challenge” on TikTok.
D2OSReggaeton, Hip-Hop, R&B“No Me Busques”Rising star in the Latin music scene with a genre-blending style.
Chanel BeadsElectronic PopUpcoming album under JagjaguwarKnown for dreamy, genre-bending singles and a unique sound.
BRITTINew Orleans R&B, Nashville Spark“Hello, I’m Britti”Debut album produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys.
Willi CarlisleFolkNew collaborations and festival appearancesKnown for heartfelt storytelling and a blend of traditional and modern folk sounds.
NIISPunk, Hardcore, Garage, Grunge“Crazy”Gained a significant following in the Los Angeles punk scene; known for high-energy performances.
San ChaCumbia“ASUNCÎON”Combines theatrical performances with live instruments and queer love stories.
Adil CPop“AURA”Canadian pop singer with millions of impressions; debut album includes collaborations with notable artists.
Nikki Taylor VibeSoul, Pop“Emma Blunt”American singer-songwriter known for her soulful voice and hypnotic vocals.
DNORRIPop, Soul, Hip-Hop“I See That”, “My”American singer-songwriter with a mix of pop, soul, and hip-hop; known for emotional and relatable music.
Khaleel MandelCountry-Funk“Chaser & Attractor”Announced his sixth solo studio album “Connecticut Chronicles”; known for a blend of country and funk.
Terrell Fure’Dancehall, Reggae“She’s Not The Money Type”New York-based artist aiming to be a voice for people with similar passions.
Kevin RossR&BBillboard Top 20 Adult R&B AirplayIndependent artist with two singles simultaneously in Billboard’s Top 20 Adult R&B Airplay chart.
AYO SK3TCHHip-Hop, RapConsistent work over 5 yearsKnown for his relentless work ethic and genre-blending style.
Jordan WardFunk, R&B“FAMJAM4000”Dancer-turned-singer known for his funky and upbeat tracks; performed at Rolling Loud California.
Hailey KnoxPop, Social Media“Charismatic”, “Future Me”Gained popularity through social media covers; known for engaging with fans online.
Moses SumneyAlternative, Indie, R&B“Plastic”, “Doomed”Known for his captivating and emotional performances; toured with Daniel Caesar.
Victoria MonétR&B, Pop“On My Mama”Sacramento native known for her infectious stage presence and viral dance challenges.
ThuyR&B“girls like me don’t cry”, “universe”Bay area native known for her popular TikTok songs and emotional lyrics.
bar italiaPost-Punk“Tracey Denim”, “The Twits”London-born trio known for their minimalist sound and elusive social media presence.
Black EndsAlternative, PunkNew releasesKnown for their unique blend of alternative and punk music.
Glass BeamsPsych, Jazz, Electronic“Mirage”Melbourne trio known for their mesmerizing songs and intricate live performances.
HeriotMetalUpcoming debut albumUK-based band known for their crushing sound and supportive music community.
Izzy SpearsExperimental, Hip-HopRecent EPs and singlesKnown for his provocative and elevated music style.
Chappell RoanPop“The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess”Cult-favorite singer with a critically acclaimed debut album.
The Last Dinner PartyPop-Rock“Nothing Matters”UK’s most talked-about new band; won the BRITs Rising Star award.
Towa BirdRock“Drain Me!”, “B.I.L.L.S.”Known for her unique solo music and thrilling live shows.
BktherulaTrap, Psychedelia, Hip-HopFour albumsAtlanta-based artist known for her ability to sing and rap across various genres.
Brittney SpencerCountry“My Stupid Life”Maryland-born singer known for her viral covers and promising singles.
glass beachEmo, Indie Rock“plastic death”Los Angeles quartet known for their maximalist approach to emo-inspired indie rock.


The fascinating assortment of new talent on display in the “New Singers 2024 Edition” is sure to have a big impact on the music business. From D2OS’s genre-bending hip-hop and reggaeton to Tyla’s viral amapiano beats, these musicians are shattering musical conventions and winning over listeners all over the world.

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NIIS’s thrilling punk performances, BRITTI’s deep R&B, or Chanel Beads’ dreamy electronic pop—each artist included in this edition offers something special to the table. These up-and-coming musicians are expected to take over playlists, festival stages, and social media feeds as 2024 approaches, demonstrating the exciting and inventive nature of the music industry. These are the names to look out for this year, so keep an eye and an ear out for them.

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