PESO PLUMA Relajado Voy Lyrics

PESO PLUMA Relajado Voy

PESO PLUMA Relajado Voy Lyrics

[Letra de “Relajado Voy”]

[Verso 1]
Dos por tres
Activos pues
¿Qué va a querer?
Hay de todo carnal
Pues ya miré, hay pa’ escoger
Wax pal’ estrés
Plantas pa’ saborear
Y si es de sabor
Un cavi con eso es bueno el olor
Fresquito el sabor le dá

King Tut, Moon Rock también quemó
Vamo’ rolando un buen leño
Peso Pluma ya se jaló
Relajado voy

Ahí nomás, viejones
Pa’ la raza que le gusta andar relajada
(Hey, un saludo para todos los marihuanos, a la verga)

[Verso 2]
En Culiacán pa’ festejar
La huba iban como el ratito pasar
Tan mal estás
Ellos dirán
Pues no importa
Tengo un blunt pa’ comenzar
Compa chino hay que pistear
Pues la vеrdad traigo sed peligrosa

King Tut, Moon Rock también quemó
Vamos rolando un buеn leño
Peso Pluma ya se jaló
Relajado voy

Frequently Asked Questions on Peso Pluma’s “Relajado Voy”

PESO PLUMA Mil Historias Lyrics

Peso Pluma is a person who?

Born on June 15, 1999, Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija is the true name of Mexican musician Peso Pluma bio. His musical style, known as corridos tumbados, combines elements of Latin urban music, notably Latin hip hop and reggaeton, with the traditional sierreño corridos of Sinaloa.

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What’s the story behind “Relajado Voy”?

The Peso Pluma music “Relajado Voy” encourages a careless and carefree attitude toward life by exuding a sense of weightlessness. The song’s lyrics, which include references to utilizing drugs like marijuana to relax, promote a carefree and joyful way of living.

What words are in “Relajado Voy”?

The song “Relajado Voy” has lyrics that talk about living a carefree and laid-back lifestyle while also mentioning using drugs and alcohol to heighten the experience. There are lyrics in the song about letting go of worries and tension and about remaining at ease.

What does “Relajado Voy” mean in English?

“Relajado Voy” is a perfect example of being carefree and at ease in English. Lines like “Relaxed I go, relaxed I come, always very crazy, I never stop” and allusions to living carefree are included.

“Relajado Voy” was released when?

“Relajado Voy” was made available in 2020 as a part of Peso Pluma’s “Ah y Qué?” album.

“Relajado Voy” was penned by?

Peso Pluma penned “Relajado Voy” by himself.

Why is the song “Relajado Voy” significant?

The song encourages listeners to let go of their troubles and savor each moment of life by containing greater symbolism and significance.

Is “Relajado Voy” a live performance?

Indeed, you can find a live rendition of “Relajado Voy” on services like Spotify.

Where can I find “Relajado Voy” to listen to?

“Relajado Voy” can be found on several streaming services, such as Spotify.

Does Peso Pluma have any past collaborations with artists?

Yes, Peso Pluma has worked with a variety of musicians in a variety of musical genres, including as Christian Nodal, Santa Fe Klan, Junior H, Óscar Maydon, Kali Uchis, and Duki.

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About PESO PLUMA Relajado Voy Lyrics

IntroUn dos por tres, activos pues…Introduction to the song, setting a casual and relaxed tone, mentioning choices of substances.
ChorusRelajado voy, relajado vengo…Emphasizes a carefree lifestyle, continuously moving through life relaxed and unbothered.
VerseY es que la vida es corta, carnal…Reflects on the brevity of life and the importance of enjoying it to the fullest.
OutroY pura vida loca, carnalConcludes with a reaffirmation of living life wildly and without constraints.
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