PESO PLUMA Sembrando Lyrics

PESO PLUMA Sembrando Lyrics

PESO PLUMA Sembrando Lyrics

[Letra de “Sembrando”]

[Verso 1]
Me la paso sembrando allá en el rancho
Con los compas forjándose un buen gallo
Para rolarlo
Se jala el compa Jessy se pega un bongazo
Siempre en la voz de locos, si no lo rajamos
Pa’ los vergazos
Pero les diré
Que aquí en la bola solo y con mis amigos
Siempre la paso muy bien
24/7, sea de día o de noche, la paso con Mary Jane
Y en la bola se distingue puro producto de ley
Arriba me la pasó al cien

Ay, qué, compa Lalo
Me la paso sembrando, vio
Pura religión
Puro Cartel de los Ángeles
Ahí lе va, viejón

[Verso 2]
Bien dijeron quе no iba a armarla
Pero aquí es diferente, les contará
¿Pa’ qué quemarla?
La duda dejaré
Para los amigos y todos mis enemigos
Un consejo les diré
Nunca se metan en un terreno ajeno
Porque también hay con queso
Y en la pechera bien puesta rifa CJNG
Arriba andan todos al cien

FAQ pertaining to Peso Pluma’s “Sembrando”

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What key idea emerges from Peso Pluma’s “Sembrando”?

Peso Pluma music “Sembrando” is mostly on the topics of friendship, relaxation, and country living. It shows scenes of hanging out at a ranch, having fun with friends, and appreciating how basic country living is.

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Peso Pluma is a person who?

Mexican singer-songwriter Peso Pluma bio is well-known for his contributions to the corrido tumbado style. His distinctive singing style, catchy lyrics that frequently touch on personal experiences and street life, and melodious delivery have all contributed to his considerable rise in popularity.

What does the English term “Sembrando” mean?

The English translation of “Sembrando” is “Sowing”. Planting or cultivating is metaphorically represented by the title, which can be understood both literally as agricultural tasks and figuratively as devoting time and energy to something worthwhile.

What meaning do the lyrics of “Sembrando” have?

The song “Sembrando” emphasizes the value of friendship, unwinding, and taking delight in the little things in life. Through the portrayal of rural life and the values connected to it, it also touches on topics of identity and pride in one’s heritage.

Is “Sembrando” included on a record?

Yes, Peso Pluma has performed “Sembrando” in the past. Its release context or exact specifics about the album it’s part of, however, may differ. It is advised to review Peso Pluma’s official discography and most current releases for the most up-to-date information.

What is the audience’s reaction to “Sembrando”?

Peso Pluma’s songs, especially “Sembrando,” has been well-received for its accurate portrayal of Mexican culture, captivating storytelling, and the artist’s distinct sound, even though exact reception details are not given. Fans of traditional Mexican music and corrido tumbado find resonance in his work.

Where can I view the official “Sembrando” video?

You may watch Peso Pluma’s “Sembrando” official music video on YouTube. It shows scenes that mirror the way of life and ideas expressed in the song, giving the words visual context.

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Is “Sembrando” available on any music streaming services

Yes, Peso Pluma’s “Sembrando” is accessible on a number of music streaming services, such as Spotify and Apple Music. Peso Pluma’s discography, which includes singles, albums, and collaborations with other artists, is accessible on several platforms.

About PESO PLUMA Sembrando Lyrics

Lyric SegmentThemeImagery/ActivitySignificance
Me la paso sembrando allá en el ranchoRural LifestyleSpending time at a ranchHighlights the simplicity and the grounded nature of rural life.
Con los compas forjándose un buen galloCamaraderieEngaging in activities with friendsEmphasizes the importance of friendship and shared experiences.
Para rolarloLeisurePreparing to enjoy a leisure activitySuggests relaxation and taking a break from the daily grind with friends.
Se jala el compa Jessy se pega un bongazoEnjoymentSpecific leisure activityDepicts a moment of enjoyment and relaxation, highlighting personal freedom.
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