JUNIOR H En Mis Dedos un Gallito Lyrics

JUNIOR H En Mis Dedos un Gallito Lyrics

[Letra de “En Mis Dedos un Gallito” ft. Esteban Gabriel]

[Verso 1: Junior H & Esteban Gabriel]
En mis dedos un gallito
Para más tarde rolar
Voy siguiendo mi camino
Pero sin mirar pa’ atrás
Aunque sepa el destino
No le tienes que aflojar
Me la navego al tiro
Pa’ poderla ruletear

[Coro: Junior H & Esteban Gabriel]
En la esquina hay envidias
Pero en la vuelta hay más
Ni pedo, así es la vida
Solo queda acostumbrar

[Interludio: Esteban Gabriel]
Que siga la mata dando, compa Junior
Pura H, viejo

[Verso 2: Junior H & Esteban Gabriel]
En mis dedos un gallito
Paseando en mi Cadillac
Vidrios bien polarizados
El rostro no me miran
Una P-5 en el cinto
Bien lista para roncar
Los últimos de este bravo
No supieron de ellos más

[Coro: Junior H & Esteban Gabriel]
En la esquina hay envidias
Pero en la vuelta hay más
Ni pedo, así es la vida
Solo queda acostumbrar

[Outro Instrumental]

FAQ: Junior H.’s “En Mis Dedos un Gallito”

What does “En Mis Dedos un Gallito” mean?

“En Mis Dedos un Gallito” is a Spanish colloquial term that means “A little rooster on my fingers” in English. Within the song’s context, the reference to holding a joint (marijuana cigarette) between the fingers alludes to a period of relaxation or getting ready for future use.

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Which themes do you think the song addresses?

The song examines themes of overcoming adversity, living on the streets, and resilience. It talks about keeping a tough façade, overcoming adversity and envy, and moving on without getting bogged down in the past.

In the song, what does the Cadillac stand for?

The Junior H Music uses the Cadillac’s tinted windows as a metaphor for a cautious and organized way of life. It offers a means of preserving confidentiality and privacy while avoiding potentially hazardous circumstances.

What does the P-5 that is mentioned in the lyrics mean?

It’s likely that the P-5 referenced in the lyrics alludes to a gun, more especially a pistol. It denotes protection and readiness, suggesting that the song’s protagonist is ready for any potential threats or conflicts.

How do the songs portray the difficulties of life?

The song uses allusions to envy and the necessity for adaptation to illustrate the difficulties of life. The chorus that keeps coming up about being envious and how you have to learn to live with it emphasizes how obstacles are always there and how you must approach them.

What is the song’s main takeaway?

The song’s main theme is one of tenacity and fortitude in the face of difficulty. It promotes sticking to one’s course and being prepared in the face of inescapable obstacles and jealousy from others. The song emphasizes resilience and self-reliance while taking a practical approach to life’s challenges.

About JUNIOR H En Mis Dedos un Gallito Lyrics

En mis dedos un gallitoRefers to having a marijuana cigarette between the fingers.Symbolizes a moment of relaxation or preparation, a common theme in songs about street life.
CadillacMentioned as the vehicle being driven, with tinted windows.Represents a lifestyle of caution and preparedness, often associated with privacy and security.
P-5 en el cintoLikely refers to a firearm, specifically a pistol, carried on the belt.Indicates readiness and protection, emphasizing the need for self-defense in a tough environment.
En la esquina hay envidiasTalks about encountering envy at the corner.Highlights the presence of jealousy and challenges in one’s environment.
Ni pedo, así es la vidaA resigned acknowledgment that “that’s life.”Emphasizes acceptance and adaptation to ongoing challenges and adversities.
Outro InstrumentalConcludes the song with an instrumental outro.Provides a reflective or contemplative end to the song, allowing the listener to ponder the themes.
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