You know, I don’t know, ey [Pre-Chorus]
I notice them confused, confused
You hang with yours, I hang with mine, madded, oh-oh-oh
I drop a track, and everything freezes
On repeat in the street and TikTok, -Tok
Doing donuts in the Mercho, Ken Block, Block
Kendo Kaponi, I’m also a Glock, Glock
Forty without the lock, -lock
That you what, what? I don’t give a fuck, fuck
I enter the genre doing ollies, Tony Hawk, Hawk
Shooting from mid-court, Trae Young at the Hawk’, Hawk’
Your shot is over, clock, clock
I ran over them in the Cybertruck, -truck
Because, ey

This is PR, no one stops at the stop signs here, no
They’re for enjoyment and shooting
That horny face makes me hard, heh
Mami, you and I are the same
But with these assholes, no, don’t compare me
No, please, don’t compare me
You already know that I’m not normal

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That’s why I fuck ’em both at the same time
One on all fours, the other one from behind
She listens to me from “Diles” and “Pa’ Que Le Dé”
Together they’re a twenty because they’re both a ten
That’s why I fuck ’em both at the same time
One on all fours, the other one from behind
You hear me on a track and you know I’m going to crush it
These bitches talk, but don’t show themselves [Verse]
I don’t clear up doubts, think what you want to…
Let those who hate me hate me, let those who love me love me
Days without sleep, look at the bags under my eyes
Don’t call to complain, I’m not Ojeda
Dude, stop all the crying, ey
Ey, the babes are asking for a…

FAQ concerning “CYBERTRUCK” by Bad Bunny


What is the central idea of Bad Bunny’s “CYBERTRUCK”?

“CYBERTRUCK” centers on the themes of individualism and confidence. Bad Bunny places a strong emphasis on his individuality, self-assurance, and reluctance to fit in with society’s expectations or be judged by others.

Is there any specific cultural figure or event that “CYBERTRUCK” alludes to?

Indeed, the Bad Bunny Music modern and edgy mood is enhanced by its references to a variety of cultural characters and events, such as Tony Hawk, Trae Young, Ken Block, and Kendo Kaponi.

In the song, what does the lyric “Esto es PR, aquí nadie para en los pare'” mean?

This statement emphasizes the value of remaining loyal to oneself and resisting the attempts of others or things to obstruct one’s own development and expression. It conveys a sense of pride in Puerto Rico’s tenacity.

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How does “CYBERTRUCK”‘s Bad Bunny respond to his detractors?

When addressing his detractors, Bad Bunny embraces his individual approach and states that he doesn’t give a damn about what they think. He promotes accepting oneself and not to look to other people for approval.

What does Bad Bunny’s song “Día’ sin dormir, mira la’ ojera'” tell us about him?

This line demonstrates Bad Bunny’s commitment to his profession and emphasizes the sacrifice and hard effort that come with pursuing one’s passions.

Is “CYBERTRUCK” included on a record?

Indeed, “CYBERTRUCK” can be found on Bad Bunny album “Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana,” which features a variety of other genres in addition to his comeback to Latin trap.

Has Bad Bunny made any notable promotional use of the song “CYBERTRUCK”?

The fact that “CYBERTRUCK” was included on the NBA 2K24 soundtrack attests to both its acceptance and Bad Bunny’s sway over the music business.

What can be inferred about Bad Bunny’s creative freedom from the song “CYBERTRUCK”?

The song is a tribute to Bad Bunny Bio creative freedom and his self-assured embracing of uniqueness, allowing him to express himself without worrying about criticism.


Main ThemeIndividuality and self-assurance; rejecting societal norms and embracing uniqueness.
Cultural ReferencesReferences to Ken Block, Kendo Kaponi, Tony Hawk, and Trae Young, enhancing the song’s contemporary appeal.
Lyric Highlight“Esto es PR, aquí nadie para en los pare'” – Emphasizes resilience and pride in Puerto Rican culture.
Addressing CriticsShows a nonchalant attitude towards critics, focusing on self-expression and ignoring negativity.
Work Ethic“Día’ sin dormir, mira la’ ojera'” – Highlights the hard work and dedication to his music career.
Album InclusionPart of the album “Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana,” which features a return to Latin trap.
PromotionsFeatured on the NBA 2K24 soundtrack, indicating its widespread appeal and recognition.
Artistic FreedomDemonstrates Bad Bunny’s commitment to artistic expression without constraints.
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