[Pre-Chorus: Natanael Cano & Gabito Ballesteros]

De todo ya pasé, claro que le batallé

Lo saben dos o tres, no soy el mismo que era ayer

Mercedes AMG, Clase G-63

Lo que un día soñé, todo ya me lo compré [Coro: Peso Pluma & Natanael Cano]

Muy bueno para las cuentas, todo apunto en la libreta

Ahí traigo la lista negra, pa’l que se pase de verga

Pura morrita bien buena, montada en mi camioneta

Los radios suenan y suenan, pero yo siempre ando alerta, eah [Interludio: Natanael Cano & Peso Pluma]

¡Eh! Y bien jalados, compa Gabito

Y arriba la bandera, viejo; pura doble P, ¡yayay!

Así nomás, compa Nata, así nomás

Compa Gabito, ¡chau! Pura doble P, viejo, ayay [Verso: Gabito Ballesteros, Peso Pluma & Natanael Cano]

Un Jeeter pa rolar, los baby a mí me gustan más

Puerto de Mazatlán, divisando la ciudad

En jet particular, me pongo en cualquier lugar

Destapando las champagne, hay billetes pa’ gastar

Moviendo bien el ice, everywhere me han de mirar

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Con unos tenis Nike, soy maleante y es lo que hay [Coro: Gabito Ballesteros & Peso Pluma]

Muy bueno para las cuentas, todo apunto en mi libreta

Ahí traigo la lista negra, pa’l que se pase de verga

Pura morrita bien buena, montada en mi camioneta

PESO PLUMA Ella Baila Sola Lyrics

Frequently Asked regarding Peso Pluma”AMG”

What is the topic of “AMG” the song?

The Peso Pluma music or song “AMG” is a type of regional Mexican music that extols material prosperity and achievement. It tells the story of the artists’ transition from striving to fulfill their ambitions to now being able to buy high-end products like a G-63 and a Mercedes AMG. The song’s lyrics also discuss themes of alertness, being attracted to attractive ladies, and taking pride in Peso Pluma Bio one’s achievements.

Which musicians are responsible for the song “AMG”?

The Mexican vocalists Natanael Cano, Peso Pluma, and Gabito Ballesteros perform the song “AMG”.

“AMG” was released when?

On November 24, 2022, the song “AMG” was made available.

What category does “AMG” fit into?

“AMG” is a tumbado corrido featuring interpretations of music from Sierrereño.

What is meant by the title “AMG”?

The term “AMG” describes the high-performance automobiles manufactured by Mercedes-AMG, a Mercedes-Benz branch that focuses on luxury and performance vehicles.

Has “AMG” been a hit song on the charts?

Yes, in the US, “AMG” peaked at number 6 on Hot Latin Songs and number 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 list. It also peaked at number one in Mexico and did well on charts in Ecuador and Colombia.

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Does “AMG” have a music video?

Indeed, Natanael Cano’s official YouTube account debuted the music video for “AMG” first. Jhonesanz directed the recording, which was made in a Hermosillo nightclub.

Which high-end products are addressed in the song “AMG”?

The song makes reference to opulent objects such the Mercedes AMG, G-63 Class, private planes, vacations to beaches like Mazatlán, and pricey Nike sneakers.

What kind of reaction has “AMG” gotten from listeners?

The song gained popularity on social media sites like Facebook and TikTok and earned positive reviews on music streaming services like YouTube and Spotify.

What message does the song “AMG” convey?

The song’s overarching theme is one of contentment and assurance in one’s accomplishments as well as the capacity to savor the rewards of perseverance and success.


ThemeOvercoming obstacles, achieving success, and indulging in luxury.
Main SymbolsMercedes AMG, G-63 Class, private jets, trips to Mazatlán, expensive Nike footwear.
MessageThe song conveys a message of triumph over adversity, showcasing the lavish lifestyle and success the artists have achieved.
Lyric Highlights– “De todo ya pasé, claro que le batallé” (I’ve already gone through everything, of course I struggled) signifies overcoming hardships.
– “Mercedes AMG, Clase G-63” (Mercedes AMG, G-63 Class) symbolizes the pinnacle of success and luxury.
– “Lo que un día soñé, todo ya me lo compré” (What one day I dreamed of, I have bought it all) reflects the realization of dreams through material success.
Musical StyleCorrido tumbado with arrangements of Sierreño music, blending traditional Mexican music with modern themes and sounds.
Cultural ImpactThe song went viral on platforms like TikTok and Facebook, resonating with audiences for its portrayal of success and luxury, as well as its catchy rhythm.
Chart SuccessReached number 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and number 6 on Hot Latin Songs in the United States. Number 1 in Mexico for two consecutive weeks.
ControversyIts lyrics are an apology for crime and organized crime, emphasizing the luxuries associated with such a lifestyle, which has sparked discussions about the message it conveys.
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