PESO PLUMA El Gavilán Lyrics

PESO PLUMA El Gavilán Lyrics

PESO PLUMA El Gavilán Lyrics

[Letra de “El Gavilán (Apple Music Live)”]

[Hablado: Peso Pluma & Parka]
Compa Parka, ¿crees que estén listos para la segunda parte del cuento, viejo?
¿Ya están listos?
Y vamos adelante, compa Carlitos

[Intro Instrumental]

Bienvenidos sean a la segunda parte del cuento
Esto es “El Gavilán”

[Puente Instrumental]

[Verso 1]
Todo bien, no se asusten si por ahí me ven
Atrás de él varias camionetas que ni las conté
Empecherado, rostro tapado
Y al mando de un muchacho
Uniformados, bien equipados y por los ranchos
Y si se enfiestan las camionetas
En caliente prenden las torretas
Truena el radio y todos biеn alertas
¿Qué reportan? Que hay gobiеrno cerca

Y pa’ chambear con Don Iván
Soy de la gente del Chapo Guzmán
No me muevan que me puedo enojar
Y me le presento, soy El Gavilán

Me le presento, soy El Gavilán
Y me le presento, soy El Gavilán

[Verso 2]
Y ahí me ven, circulo la capi en una Duracell
Y hay con qué, tengo tatuada la A y la E y la G
En mi uniforme, dos generales
Y un pase pa’ activarme
Artesanales y unos SCAR pa’ pelearles
Los del casco me sacan la vuelta
Compa Toner ‘tá nomás que tienta
F1 se jala la greña
Vienen vestidos de Marinela

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Y pa’ chambear con Don Iván
Soy de la gente del Chapo Guzmán
Y no me muevan que me puedo enojar
Sigue bien firmes aquí El Gavilán

Sigue bien firmes aquí El Gavilán
Sigue bien firmes aquí El Gavilán

FAQ: Luis R. Conriquez, Tony Aguirre, and Peso Pluma’s “El Gavilán”

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And who plays “El Gavilán”?

Tony Aguirre, Peso Pluma, and Luis R. Conriquez perform “El Gavilán”. These artists are working together on it.

What is “El Gavilán”‘s central idea?

The Peso Pluma music tells the story of “El Gavilán,” an organized criminal figure, and his life and activities. It details his actions, the tools and cars he uses, and his connections to prominent members of the criminal underground.

Does the song contain any particular symbolism or allusions?

Yes, the song makes reference to a number of icons connected to the life of crime, such as:

  •  SUVs, or camionetas, are used for operations and transportation.
  •  Wearing body armor, or being embecherado, denotes preparedness for battle.
  •  The term “Uniformados” (Uniformed) denotes a rigid, armed group.
  •  Tatuajes: The indicated tattoos represent personal identification and affinities.
  •  F1 (a kind of grenade) and Artesanales (handcrafted weapons): These terms relate to the equipment utilized.

Which alliances does “El Gavilán” mention?

The song makes reference to “don Iván” and “la gente del Chapo Guzmán,” implying ties to prominent members of the criminal underworld.

What mood does the music have?

“El Gavilán” portrays the life of the character with a sense of pride and unabashed transparency about the nature of his actions. The tone of the film is aggressive and descriptive.

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Is “El Gavilán” a true individual?

The song doesn’t say if “El Gavilán” is a fictional figure made up for the song or if it is based on a real person. In order to tell gripping stories, corridos frequently combine elements of fiction and fact.

In what way does the music express its meaning?

“El Gavilán” conveys its message with vivid imagery and in-depth descriptions of the character’s belongings, manner of life, and associations. The song’s lyrics depict “El Gavilán” and his crew’s methods and way of thinking.

To which genre does “El Gavilán” fall?

“El Gavilán” is a work in the corridos genre, more especially the corridos bélicos (war corridos) subgenre, which tells tales of protagonists involved in organized crime and drug trafficking. Based on the words and lyrical material of the song “El Gavilán” by Luis R. Conriquez, Tony Aguirre, and Peso Pluma, this FAQ offers a basic knowledge of the music.

About PESO PLUMA El Gavilán Lyrics

Opening LinesThe song starts with a declaration of notoriety and indifference to problems, emphasizing a readiness to work and follow orders without question.
ThemesThe lyrics delve into themes of power, loyalty, violence, and survival within a criminal context. It portrays a life deeply entangled with organized crime, where violence is a means to an end.
AffiliationsThe protagonist claims allegiance to the Guzmán family, indicating a connection to high-profile figures in the criminal underworld.
ImageryVivid imagery is used to describe the protagonist’s lifestyle and tools of the trade, including military-grade weapons, armored vehicles, and the readiness to engage in violent acts.
Personal ReflectionsThe lyrics include personal reflections on facing death, commanding respect, and continuing to operate within a dangerous environment.
SymbolismThe song uses symbols of power and resilience, such as tattoos and scars, to convey the protagonist’s identity and experiences.
NarrativeA narrative unfolds of engaging in violent confrontations, including a significant event to save a high-profile individual, showcasing loyalty and bravery.
ConclusionThe song concludes with a reaffirmation of the protagonist’s leadership and survival, despite the risks and challenges faced.
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