BAD BUNNY Yo perreo sola Lyrics

BAD BUNNY Yo perreo sola Lyrics

BAD BUNNY Yo perreo sola Lyrics

[Refrán: Nesi]
Ante’ tú me pichaba’ (Tú me pichaba’)
Ahora yo picheo (Hmm, nah)
Antes tú no quería’ (No quería’)
Ahora yo no quiero (Hmm, no)
Ante’ tú me pichaba’ (-chaba’)
Ahora yo picheo (Jaja)
Antes tú no quería’ (Ey)
Ahora yo no quiero
No, tranqui

[Coro: Nesi & Bad Bunny]
Yo perreo sola (Hmm, ey)
Yo perreo sola (Perreo sola; jaja; hmm-hmm)
Yo perreo sola (Jaja, hmm; ey)
Yo perreo sola (Perreo sola)
Okay, okay, ey, ey, ey

[Verso 1: Bad Bunny]
Que ningún baboso se le pegue (No)
La disco se prende cuando ella llegue (¡Wuh!)
A los hombres los tiene de hobby
Una malcriá’ como Nairobi (Jaja)
Y tú la ve’ bebiendo de la botella (Ey)
Los nene’ y las nena’ quieren con ella
Tiene má’ de veinte, me enseño la cédula (Ajá)
Ey, del amor e’ una incrédula (¡Wuh!)
Ella está soltera antes que se pusiera de moda (Ey)
No cree en amor desde “Amorfoda” (No)
El DJ la pone y se las sabe todas
Se trepa en la mesa y que se jodan (Wuh)
En el perreo no se quita (¡No!)
Fuma y se pone bellaquita
Te llama si te necesita
Pero por ahora está solita

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[Coro: Bad Bunny]
Ella perrea sola (Wuh)
Ey, ey, ey, ey, ey, ey
Ella perrea sola
(Perrea sola, ella perrea sola, sola, sola)
Ey, ella perrea sola
Ey, ey, ey, ey, ey, ey
Ella perrea sola (Ella perrea sola)
Ella perrea sola

[Verso 2: Bad Bunny]
Tiene una amiga problemática
Y otra que casi ni habla (No)
Pero las tre’ son una’ diabla’ (Prr)
Y hoy se puso minifalda
Los phillie’ en las Louis Vuitton los guarda

[Puente: Bad Bunny & Nesi]
Y me dice “papi” (Papi, sigue; yes, yes)
‘Tá bien dura como Natti (Aah)
Borracha y loca, a ella no le importa (Woo)
Vamo’ a perrear, la vida es corta, ey (Hoo)
Y me dice “papi” (Papi, sigue; yes, yes)
‘Tá bien dura como Natti (Aah)
Despué’ de las doce no se comporta (Ey)
Vamo’ a perrear, la vida e’ corta (Woo)

[Refrán: Nesi & Bad Bunny]
Ante’ tú me pichaba’ (Tú me pichaba’)
Ahora yo picheo (Hmm, nah; loco)
Ante’ tú no quería’ (¿Pero cuándo yo dije eso?)
Ahora yo no quiero (Pero, pero; no)
Ante’ tú me pichaba’ (Nah)
Ahora yo picheo (Yo nunca te he picha’o, mami)
Ante’ tú no quería’ (Ay, Dio’)
Ahora yo no quiero
No, tranqui

[Coro: Nesi]
Yo perreo sola (Hmm, ey)
Yo perreo sola (Perreo sola; jaja; hmm-hmm)
Yo perreo sola (Jaja, hmm; ey)
Yo perreo sola (Perreo sola)

FAQ regarding Bad Bunny’s “Yo Perreo Sola”

BAD BUNNY Safaera Lyrics

What does the phrase “Yo Perreo Sola” mean?

“I twerk alone” is how “Yo Perreo Sola” is translated from Spanish. In the setting of a nightclub, the song is a feminist hymn that promotes independence and self-sufficiency. The dance honors the freedom of women to dance by themselves without the necessity for a male partner, emphasizing themes of empowerment and self-assurance.

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With whom does the song “Yo Perreo Sola” feature?

Nesi is a female singer who sings on the song, yet she isn’t listed as a featured artist on the record. Her voice, which represents the viewpoint of women, is essential in conveying the meaning of the song.

Which themes run through the song the most?

“Yo Perreo Sola” centers on three key themes: female autonomy, empowerment, and rejecting unwanted attention from men. The song’s lyrics send a powerful message about a woman embracing her independence and taking charge of her appearance and decisions in public.

How do the lyrics of the song convey its message?

The Bad Bunny Music “Yo Perreo Sola” tells the story of a lady who was once passed over for someone she was interested in, but she is no longer seeking that person’s attention since she is more self-assured and independent. Rather, she takes pleasure in dancing by herself, which emphasizes her independence and dignity.

What role does the “Yo Perreo Sola” music video play?

The inclusion of Bad Bunny in drag in the “Yo Perreo Sola” music video is noteworthy as it highlights the song’s message of support for LGBTQ+ and women’s rights. The song’s themes of freedom and self-expression are reflected in the visual portrayal of gender fluidity and the subversion of conventional gender conventions.

What reaction has “Yo Perreo Sola” gotten from the general public?

The progressive message and appealing rhythm of “Yo Perreo Sola” have garnered a lot of appreciation. Many listeners have found resonance with it, especially in the context of promoting women’s rights and questioning conventional conventions surrounding gender and sexuality. The song has turned into an anthem for people who support social justice and individual liberty.

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About BAD BUNNY Yo perreo sola Lyrics

SectionLyrics ExcerptMeaning/Significance
Refrain (Nesi)Ante’ tú me pichaba’… Ahora yo no quieroA woman reflecting on how she used to be rejected, but now she is the one who is not interested.
Chorus (Nesi & Bad Bunny)Yo perreo sola… Yo perreo solaEmphasizing the act of dancing alone, asserting independence in a club environment.
Verse 1 (Bad Bunny)Ante’ tú no quería’… está solitaDescribing a woman who enjoys her life, dances on her own terms, and doesn’t need a man to be happy.
Chorus (Bad Bunny)Ella perrea sola… Ella perrea solaReiterating the woman’s enjoyment of dancing by herself, highlighting her autonomy.
Verse 2 (Bad Bunny)Tiene una amiga problemática…Introducing the woman’s friends, who are also independent and enjoy their freedom.
Bridge (Bad Bunny & Nesi)Y me dice “papi”… la vida es cortaA playful interaction suggesting that life is short and meant to be enjoyed, including through dancing.
Refrain (Nesi & Bad Bunny)Ante’ tú me pichaba’… Ahora yo no quieroReaffirming the shift in dynamics where the woman is now in control of her choices and rejects advances.
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