PESO PLUMA Con Dinero Baila el Perro Lyrics

PESO PLUMA Con Dinero Baila el Perro Lyrics

PESO PLUMA Con Dinero Baila el Perro Lyrics

[Letra de “Con Dinero Baila el Perro”]

[Verso 1]
A veces llego a pensar
Como envidian los corrientes
Cuando no traes nada ni se arriman y cuando si llegan en caliente
No estoy Pa’ fanfarronear
Y si tiran me defiendo
No estoy Pa’ darles razones a hocicones o a esos perritos hambrientos
Unos solitos se van
Pero esos no los ocupas
La lealtad vale más que el dinero que te gastaste en tu nueva blusa

Hambre pasé
Pero aquí sigo de frentе a los vergazos le atore
Yo sé, saldré
Adеlante y a mi gente nunca la defraudaré
Voy pa’ arriba no me paran y un gallón me quita estrés

Ja! ¿y qué?
Puro Peso Pluma, viejo

[Verso 2]
Si la lengua soltaras
Ten cuidado a lo que digas
Atente a las consecuencias tus palabras mide bien y no seas niña
A muchos les dolerá
Lo que digo pero es cierto
Individuos convenientes, lo que digo es con dinero baila el perro
Fumando pura white widow es como nos relajamos
Y playera 77 en las bocinas en mi carro van zumbando

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Hambre pasé
Pero aquí sigo de frente a los vergazos le atore
Yo sé, saldré
Adelante y a mi gente nunca la defraudaré
Voy pa’ arriba no me paran y un bongazo pa’ el estrés


FAQ: Yng Lvcas with Peso Pluma’s “La Bebe (Remix)”

PESO PLUMA Lo Que Me Das Lyrics

What’s the deal with “La Bebe (Remix)”?

A reggaeton song called “La Bebe (Remix)” honors the concepts of romance, partying, and the thrill of nightlife. The song’s lyrics highlight the chemistry and connection between the singer and a woman by describing a passionate interaction between them on the dance floor.

Together with Peso Pluma music, Yng Lvcas wrote the song. Peso Pluma bio is well-known for fusing traditional Mexican music with modern rhythms, while Yng Lvcas is well-known for his contributions to the reggaeton genre.

Which languages does the song speak?

The song’s predominant Spanish language reflects both the musicians’ cultural backgrounds and the origins of the reggaeton genre. The song’s ideas and lyrics are easier for non-Spanish speakers to understand thanks to the English translation.

Where’s “La Bebe (Remix)” available for listen?

You can find “La Bebe (Remix)” on popular music streaming services like YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify. The lyrics and English translation of the song can also be found on YouTube channels and lyric translation websites.

Can I use “La Bebe (Remix)” to learn Spanish?

Yes, if you’re interested in pop culture and music, “La Bebe (Remix)” might be an entertaining and interesting method to learn Spanish. It is simpler to learn vocabulary and grammar in context by using games and lessons based on song lyrics, which are available on websites and applications that specialize in teaching languages through music.

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What reaction has “La Bebe (Remix)” gotten from viewers?

Reggaeton and Latin music lovers have embraced “La Bebe (Remix)”, praising its upbeat beat, captivating lyrics, and the rapport between Yng Lvcas and Peso Pluma. The number of times the song has been streamed and the favorable comments left by fans on social media and music platforms demonstrate how well-liked it is.

Does “La Bebe (Remix)” have any music videos or live performances?

There is currently no information available regarding a music video or live performances dedicated to the song “La Bebe (Remix).” Nonetheless, it’s worth keeping an eye on the musicians’ official YouTube channels and social media accounts for updates, as they frequently produce music videos for their well-known songs and showcase them at events like concerts and music festivals.

About PESO PLUMA Con Dinero Baila el Perro Lyrics

Title Interpretation“Con Dinero Baila El Perro” is a Spanish saying that translates to “With money, the dog dances,” implying that money can influence people and situations.
General ThemeThe song likely discusses the power of money and how it affects relationships and behaviors.
ToneThe tone of such songs is often a mix of celebratory and critical, highlighting the allure of wealth while also commenting on its impact on society and individuals.
Musical StyleAs a song by Peso Pluma, it may feature a blend of Latin rhythms with urban music elements, characteristic of reggaeton or Latin trap.
NarrativeThe lyrics might tell a story or present scenarios where money changes the dynamics between people, possibly in a humorous or satirical way.
ChorusThe chorus is typically catchy and repeats the main message or theme of the song, which in this case would revolve around the influence of money.
VersesThe verses likely expand on the theme, providing specific examples or anecdotes related to the song’s message.
BridgeIf the song has a bridge, it might offer a contrasting perspective or a moment of reflection on the theme.
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