[Verso 2: Bad Bunny]
Hace tiempo no pensaba en ti
Borracho a tu Insta me metí
Baby, ya yo sé que a ti te va bien
Que de mí tú no quieres saber, ey, ey
Viviendo en un infierno que yo mismo incendié
Jugando contigo como si fuese el die’
Siento que ya no estoy en tu corazón, ahora estoy en tus pie’
Rogándote, en el tequila ahogándome
Los muchacho’ están invitándome a salir
La paso bien, pero siempre termino extrañándote
En el tequila ahogándome, ey
Las morritas texteándome, ey
Que dónde es la peda hoy, pero

[Coro: Bad Bunny]
Me queda 1%
Y lo usaré solo para decirte lo mucho que lo siento
Que si me ven con otra en una disco solo es perdiendo el tiempo
Baby, ¿pa’ qué te miento?
Eso de que me vieron feliz no es cierto, ey

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[Outro: Julián Peña Jr.]
Y esto es Grupo Frontera
Y el compa Bad Bunny

FAQ regarding Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny’s “Un x100to”


What does “Un x100to” really mean?

“Un x100to” is a depressing look back on a previous romance. The narrative of the song tells the tale of a person who, with only 1% of their phone’s charge remaining, calls a former love to express remorse and longing.

Who are the “Un x100to” artists?

Rapper Bad Bunny of Puerto Rico and American group Grupo Frontera, who specialize in Latin and country ballads, collaborated on the song.

“Un x100to” was released when?

April 17, 2023 was the release date of the Bad Bunny Music.

To which genre does “Un x100to” fall?

“Un x100to” is a romantic song that blends cumbia-norteño and accordion melody, with fascinating rhythm.

“Unx100to” was produced by who?

Edgar Barrera and MAG, two Latin hitmakers, produced and wrote the song.

Is there a “Un x100to” music video?

Yes, the group and Bad Bunny performed in front of a remote ranch in the desert for the official music video, which was published on the same day as the song.

What response has “Un x100to” received?

Many people have praised the song and even dubbed it a new anthem for heartbreak. It has received multiple award nominations, including those from the Billboard Latin Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards.

What does the title of the song mean?

“Un Porciento” (short for “One Percent” in English) is what “Un x100to” means in Spanish. In the song, it alludes to the amount of battery life left on a phone that was used to make a big call.

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Has Bad Bunny already worked with artists from the region of Mexico?

Yes, Bad Bunny Bio has ventured into the world of regional Mexican music before. He previously collaborated on a remix of “Soy el Diablo” with Natanael Cano.

What motivated Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny to work together?

A fortuitous meeting between producer MAG of Bad Bunny and songwriter Edgar Barrera served as the impetus for the partnership. The musicians came together partly because of Grupo Frontera’s popularity on websites like TikTok.

What is the song’s position on the charts?

“Un x100to” has received a Platinum certification in Spain and debuted on the Billboard Hot 100.

Which themes are covered in “Un x100to”?

The song examines themes of regret, heartache, and the challenge of letting go of a previous relationship.

About BAD BUNNY UNX100TO Lyrics

SectionArtist(s)Lyrics Summary
ChorusPayo Solís & Bad BunnyThe singer uses the last 1% of their phone battery to express regret and clarify that any appearance of happiness or moving on is false.
Verse 1Payo SolísReflects on the inability to laugh or enjoy life post-breakup, mentioning how attempts to move on are haunted by memories and the lingering presence of the past love.
ChorusPayo Solís & Bad BunnyReiterates the use of the last bit of battery to apologize, emphasizing the lack of truth in any rumors of happiness.
Verse 2Bad BunnyDescribes logging into Instagram while drunk to check on the ex, acknowledging their well-being and his own lingering feelings. Mentions the struggle of pretending to enjoy life while actually missing the past relationship.
ChorusBad BunnyContinues to use the metaphor of the last 1% battery to express sorrow and the futility of trying to find happiness in others at social gatherings.
OutroJulián Peña Jr.Credits the song to Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny, highlighting the collaboration.
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