[Intro: Bryant Myers]
(Tráeme una Percocet, una Percocet)
Lanalizer got the fire (Jeje)
Bryant Myers
El Millo Gánster
Dímelo, Conejo

[Verso 1: Bad Bunny]
Te tengo sometida debajo ‘e la seda
Me gustan tus medida’, cómo ese totito me queda
Y está cabrón, ey
Porque ayer le di, el jueves le di, el viernes le di
El sábado repetí
El domingo después de la iglesia la puse de rodi
Ya no es una bebé, pero en la noche me pide bi-bi
Se la traga como Kirby, yeah

[Coro: Bryant Myers]
Porque la enchuló mi bi, la enchuló mi bi
Desde que lo metí (Desde que lo metí)
La tengo sometida a mis nueve inch, yeah (A mis nueve), yeah
Te tengo sometida debajo ‘e la seda

[Verso 2: Bryant Myers]
Hace rato querías que esto suceda (Ah-ah)
Que te muerda, te escupa y te agreda (Ah)
Que mate el deseo, no que lo conceda (Ah-ah)
Salimo’ ‘e Láctea y llegamo’ a Andrómeda (Ah-ah)
Amo verte enrolando en pantie’ y mi franela
Tú ere’ otra movie, ese flow es novela (Novela)
Blanquita, te dejo canela cuando te someto a mi lujureo (-reo)
Es de la isla, su encanto lo aventureo
Lo jalo con nuestro’ video’, ya ni las porno googleo, no
No veo un culo que me guste más cabrón por más Reels que swipeo
Y lo que me corre más es que me da esa chapa sin chapeo

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[Coro: Bryant Myers, Bryant Myers & Bad Bunny]
Porque la enchuló mi bi, la enchuló mi bi
Desde que lo metí (Desde que lo metí)
La tengo sometida a mis nueve inch, yeah, yeah
Te tengo sometida debajo ‘e la se—

[Verso 3: Bad Bunny]
Dándote hasta que derrita la vela, viene a dormir y se desvela, ey
Con esa mamá creo que mi mai tiene nueva nuera
El bill del agua viniendo trepa’o
Por to’ los polvo’ que echamo’ en la regadera
Te toco to’ los punto’ ‘e tu cuerpo como si jugara Twister
Te prefiero sin ropa y eso que me encanta cómo te viste’
Yo lo dejo adentro, no quiero sacarlo, puede que te encinte
Despué’ de chingar prendemo’ un blunt y te pongo la refe del remix de “Triste”
Ey, quiere chingarme hoy, yo sé
Me dio una pista, que quería acape
Empezó a orar y no terminó en amén
Me la pidió aden, adentro, aden (Aden, yeah)

[Outro: Bad Bunny & Bryant Myers]
El trapero ‘e trapero’ con el Conejo Malo
Pa’ que las cuki trapeen
El Millo Gánster club
Dime, Búho
Dime, Lanalizer
Bryant Myers
Dime, Gaby Music
Chris Jedi
La Paciencia
Bad Bunny, baby
Porque la enchuló mi bi, -chuló mi bi
Desde que lo metí, que lo metí
La tengo sometida a mis nueve inch
Eh-eh, eh-eh, eh-eh, eh
Porque la enchuló mi bi, -chuló mi bi
Desde que lo metí, que lo metí

Frequently Asked Questions on Bryant Myers and Bad Bunny’s “SEDA”

BAD BUNNY VOU 787 Lyrics

What is the song “SEDA” about?

The Bad Bunny Music “SEDA” delves on themes of sexual desire, control, and power. It presents a dominant and alluring figure that takes great pleasure in controlling their companion, who is represented by the phrase “under the silk.” The song’s lyrics place a strong emphasis on sexual prowess and the enjoyment that comes from an agreeable power dynamic in close relationships.

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What is meant by “SEDA”?

“Silk” is what “SEDA” means in English. It alludes metaphorically to the slick, domineering, and controlling character of the relationship that the songs describe.

Which artists are included in “SEDA”?

The song “SEDA” is performed by Bryant Myers and Bad Bunny. The reggaeton and Latin trap genres are well-known for the contributions made by both musicians.

“SEDA” was released when?

The movie “SEDA” came out on October 13, 2023.

Which lines from the song stand out?

“I dominate you under the silk” and “My D made her fall in love, my D made her fall in love” are two of the song “SEDA’s” most memorable lines. These sentences highlight the narrator’s sexual influence and the concepts of dominance.

What role does the song play in Bad Bunny’s sound?

“SEDA” is a good example of Bad Bunny’s normal musical style, which features Latin trap and reggaeton beats with themes of power, sexuality, and interpersonal connections.

Does “SEDA” have a music video?

According to recent updates, “SEDA” does not have an official music video. Lyric videos and live performances are frequently used by fans seeking a visual depiction of the music.

What reaction has the song gotten from listeners?

Songs by Bad Bunny, particularly those that feature collaborations such with Bryant Myers, are typically well-received within the reggaeton and Latin trap communities, valued for their upbeat beats and thought-provoking lyrics, even though exact reception details are not given.


SectionLyrics ExcerptDescription
Intro(Bring me a Percocet, a Percocet) Lanalizer got the fire (Hehe) Bryant Myers El Millo Gánster Hey, ConejoBryant Myers introduces the song with a playful tone, referencing the producer Lanalizer and setting the stage for the collaboration with Bad Bunny.
Verse 1I dominate you under the silk… She swallows it like Kirby, yeahBad Bunny describes a dominant sexual encounter, using silk as a metaphor for control and referencing the character Kirby for the partner’s enthusiasm.
ChorusMy D made her fall in love, my D made her fall in love… I dominate you under the silkBryant Myers takes over the chorus, emphasizing the theme of sexual dominance and the effect it has on the partner, repeating the silk metaphor.
Verse 2For a while you’ve wanted this to happen… I don’t see an ass that I fucking like more as many Reels I swipeBryant Myers continues with a narrative of anticipated sexual tension and the allure of the partner, highlighting a preference for personal intimacy over digital content.
Verse 3Giving it to you until the candle melts… She asked me for it insi—, inside, insi— (Insi—, yeah)Bad Bunny returns with vivid imagery of a prolonged sexual encounter and the partner’s desire for intimacy, using a prayer as a metaphor for the act.
OutroThe trapper of trappers with el Conejo Malo… Since I put it in, put it inThe outro features both artists, with shoutouts to the production team and a reiteration of the song’s dominant themes, closing with the chorus line.
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