PESO PLUMA Chanel Lyrics

PESO PLUMA Chanel Lyrics

PESO PLUMA Chanel Lyrics

[Intro: Peso Pluma]
Ténganme paciencia, ¿okey?

[Verso 1: Peso Pluma & Becky G]
Me muero por ver tus ojos al volver
Tu piel recorrer, famoso hazme de ver
Algo bien
Más que bien
No se va a poder, por más que lo intente
Te tocó perder, olvida ya el ayer
Hace un mes
También te quería ver

[Coro: Peso Pluma & Becky G]
Tienes que entender, no queremo’ reconocer
Una y otra vez comеtimos errores que
No sе arreglan ya, cuento de nunca ya acabar
Vamos a aceptar, tú por aquí, yo por allá

[Verso 2: Becky G. & Peso Pluma]
Te recordaré por siempre en mi vida, bebé
Y aunque ya lo sé, que nunca ya te podré ver
¿Y eso qué? Pues te amo, bebé
Te llevé a Chanel, también escogió de Cartier
Y un día se me fue, pa’ un día nunca ya volver
Se me fue, eh
No sé qué hacer

[Coro: Peso Pluma & Becky G]
Tienes que entender, no queremos reconocer
Una y otra vez cometimos errores que
No se arreglan ya, cuento de nunca ya acabar
Vamos a aceptar, tú por aquí, yo por allá

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Peso Pluma’s “Chanel”


What’s the story behind Becky G and Peso Pluma’s “Chanel”?

The song “Chanel” thematically examines a conversation between two people who were once partners. The story is centered on the man’s wish to make amends with the woman, but she turns him down. The song explores themes of love, grief, and the incapacity to move past past transgressions.

And who created and penned “Chanel”?

The sources cited do not name the particular songwriters or producers of “Chanel”. On the other hand, it is typical for musicians like Peso Pluma music and Becky G to work with a variety of producers and composers to develop their music.

“Chanel” was released when?

The official release date of “Chanel” was March 30, 2023.

Has “Chanel” been live performed by Becky G and Peso Pluma?

Yes, in 2023 at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Becky G and Peso Pluma gave a live performance of “Chanel.” On April 20, 2023, they also gave a performance of it at the Latin American Music Awards.

Which honors has “Chanel” won?

According to the information given, “Chanel” was nominated for Best Regional Mexican Fusion at the Premios Juventud and Music Ship of the Year at the MTV MIAW Awards 2023, although it did not win in either of these categories.

What is “Chanel”‘s position in the charts?

Peaking at number 46 on the Billboard Global 200, number 9 in Mexico, number 55 on the US Billboard Hot 100, number 8 on the US Hot Latin Songs, number 34 on the US Latin Airplay, and number 14 on the US Regional Mexican Airplay, “Chanel” was a notable chart success.

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Which certifications is “Chanel” in possession of?

With 490,000 units in Mexico, “Chanel” holds a 3× Platinum+Gold certification, while in the US, it holds a 15× Platinum (Latin) certification with 900,000 units.

Where was the “Chanel” music video shot?

Ricky Alvarez directed and the music video for “Chanel” were shot in Los Angeles. The publication date was April 6, 2023.

What does the song “Chanel” mean to Becky G and Peso Pluma?

“Chanel” is a noteworthy addition to the local Mexican music scene for Becky G, who is pursuing her goal of using music to celebrate and explore her Mexican-American ancestry. Working on “Chanel” with a well-known artist like Becky G is a big step forward for Peso Pluma bio, especially as he becomes more and more recognized in the corrido tumbado genre.

About PESO PLUMA Chanel Lyrics

Song TitleChanel
ArtistsPeso Pluma and Becky G
Release Date2023
ThemesThe song discusses a past relationship where both parties have made mistakes and need to accept that they cannot be together anymore.
Live PerformancesPeso Pluma and Becky G performed “Chanel” live for the first time at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2023. They also performed it at the Latin American Music Awards 2023 on April 20, 2023.
Chart Performance“Chanel” achieved notable success, appearing on various Billboard charts including the Global 200, US Billboard Hot 100, US Hot Latin Songs, US Latin Airplay, and US Regional Mexican Airplay.
CertificationsThe song has been certified 3× Platinum+Gold in Mexico and 15× Platinum (Latin) in the United States.
Music VideoDirected by Ricky Alvarez and filmed in Los Angeles, the music video for “Chanel” was released on April 6, 2023.
Significance for ArtistsFor Becky G, “Chanel” represents a significant venture into regional Mexican music, reflecting her Mexican-American heritage. For Peso Pluma, the collaboration with Becky G marks a milestone in his career, highlighting his unique voice and stage presence.
Lyrics TranslationThe English translation of the lyrics conveys a longing to see a past lover again, reflecting on the impossibility of rekindling the relationship despite deep feelings.
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