PESO PLUMA 77 Lyrics

PESO PLUMA 77 Lyrics

[Letra de “Playera 77 (En Vivo)”]

Fierro, compa

[Verso 1]
Creo que ya es buena hora pa’ tomarme un trago
Pues un día en San Diego a mí me agarraron, con los gabachos topamos
Pero ahora en el calorcito andamos
Suela roja la que se pisa en los antros
O escuchando corridos allá en el rancho, puro San José del Llano
Y un cigarro de la verde voy forjando

Playera 77 cargo
La especia que utilizamos
Billete andamos cosechando
Pues nos gustó ganar los verdes
Y ahorita en Tijuana pa’ los padres, cuadernitos tengo andando

Ahí nomás, compa

[Verso 2]
Bien pendientes, Culiacán lo transitamos
En Mercedes de noche y un Silverado con los rifles por un lado
Al que se las quiera pegar de muy bravo
Blue Label es muy bueno pa’ entonarnos
Con el ocho, también el suelo del llano, plebitas también quemando
Bien alertas por si pasan los del casco

Aquí nosotros no jugamos
Los plebes andan lampareados
Por hermanos nos preocupamos
Pues nos gustó ganar los verdes
Y ahorita en Tijuana pa’ los padres, cuadernitos estoy mandando

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Puro Peso Pluma, compadre

FAQ: Peso Pluma & Eladio Carrión’s “77”


Why is “77” a song about?

Peso Pluma & Eladio Carrión’s “77” explores the artists’ depiction of life as drug traffickers, emphasizing the notions of riches and power that go along with it.

Which artists are responsible for “77”?

A well-known corridos tumbados activist from Guadalajara, Mexico, named Peso Pluma music collaborated on the song “77” with Eladio Carrión, a well-known American rapper of Puerto Rican descent who is well-known for his work at the intersection of Latin music and American hip-hop.

“77” was released when?

On May 5, 2023, “77”—a track from Peso Pluma’s album “Génesis”—was published.

Which album does “77” come from?

The song “77” is from Peso Pluma album “Génesis,” which has received attention for having a big influence on Mexican music and the corridos genre internationally.

What distinguishes “77” from the album “Génesis”?

The duet between Peso Pluma and Eladio Carrión in “77” is renowned for its flawless execution, fusing Carrión’s low-key, assured flow with trombone and syncopated string instruments. It is a standout track on the album, demonstrating a masterful blending of musical genres and cultural influences.

What is the reaction of critics and viewers to “77”?

The song’s positive reception has elevated Peso Pluma to the position of prominent artist in the local Mexican music scene and signified a pivotal point in the globalization of Mexican music. The cooperation with Eladio Carrión has received special recognition for overcoming limitations related to genre and culture.

Which themes are covered in “77”?

Amidst the artists’ depiction of life as drug traffickers, “77” delves into issues of ambition, power, and the chase of fortune. The complexity and appeal of a lifestyle linked to success and power are discussed in the song.

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Has “77” influenced any contentious issues?

Although Peso Pluma bio has not been singled out for controversy, the song “77” has been criticized in the past for tracks that were thought to celebrate particular lifestyles. In contrast, “77” emphasizes artistic expression and storytelling within the framework of the performers’ larger musical repertory.

About PESO PLUMA 77 Lyrics

ArtistsPeso Pluma & Eladio Carrión
ThemesDrug dealing, power, wealth, self-reliance, luxury, and street credibility
Mentioned LuxuriesExpensive watches, cars, drugs
WeaponsIndication of the aggressive nature of their business
Self-RelianceLack of trust in anyone but themselves
Above the LawBelief in being untouchable and above societal rules
Musical StyleCorridos tumbados with Latin trap influences
Cultural SignificanceFusion of Mexican regional music with modern beats and American hip-hop
Album“Génesis” by Peso Pluma
Release DateMay 5, 2023
CollaborationCross-cultural collaboration between Mexican and Puerto Rican artists
ReceptionPositive reception for blending musical styles and cultural influences
ImpactContribution to the internationalization of Mexican music
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