Song + Lyrics by IVAN CORNEJO: Unveiling the Heartfelt Verses of “Está Dañado


Song + Lyrics by IVAN CORNEJO

[Verso 1]
La noche ha llegado, ya estoy preparado
Un buen White Recluse a mí me ven forjando
Siempre bien tranquilo, nunca ando de ondeado
Me gusta ser gente, yo nunca me rajo
Veintitrés y ya ando de arriba pa’ abajo
Voy por buen camino, siempre lo he notado
Buenos amigos los que a mí me han rodeado
Siempre al cien con los que me echaron la mano
Rodeado de lujos y no materiales
Siempre buena vida me dieron mis padres
El viejo en el cielo siempre ha de guiarme
Para que en la vida salgan bien los planes

Ahí le va, jefazo
Hasta el cielo, viejo
Pura Doble P, viejo, a la verga

[Verso 2]
Hoy todo ha cambiado, no voy a negarlo
Pensamientos nuevos son los que ya cargo
Una nueva vida la que me estoy dando
Poco a poco envidias se van presentando
El tiempo es muy sabio y responde preguntas
Y a mí no me asusta cargar con la duda

Siempre bien pendiente mi compita Rulas
Soy de perfil bajo, así nadie me busca

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The majority of Ivan Cornejo’s repertoire is in the Regional Mexican style. He has gained recognition for his ability to combine classic components with contemporary ideas to create a distinctive look that appeals to a broad range of consumers.



Where can I locate the song lyrics by Ivan Cornejo?

Song lyrics by Ivan Cornejo are available on a number of lyric websites, including Genius and AZLyrics. These websites have the lyrics to many of his well-known songs, such as “J” and “Está Dañada.”

Which of Ivan Cornejo’s songs are the most well-known?

Popular songs by Ivan Cornejo include “J.,” “Está Dañada,” “Perro Abandonado,” and “Aquí Te Espero.” Fans have responded well to these songs, which has helped him get more recognition in the music business.

Are there any songs by Ivan Cornejo available in English?

Yes, it’s possible to find online translations of some of Ivan Cornejo music in English. In order to aid non-Spanish speakers in understanding the lyrics, fans frequently post translations on YouTube and other social media sites.

What motivates Ivan Cornejo to write songs?

Ivan Cornejo frequently draws inspiration for his songs from his own experiences, such as the breakup he had in middle school, which stoked his desire to write profound and moving lyrics. In addition, the influences of many different genres, including alternative, rock, and country music, are evident in his songs.

Does Ivan Cornejo have any joint artistic endeavors?

Ivan Cornejo has really worked with other artists in collaboration. He collaborated with Yahritza Y Su Esencia on the song “Inseparables” and has stated that he would like to work with musicians in other genres to provide a varied musical experience.

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How can I be informed about Ivan Cornejo’s latest releases?

You can follow Ivan Cornejo on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to be informed about his new releases. You can also get regular updates on his music by subscribing to his official YouTube channel, joining email lists, and becoming a member of fan groups.

Are there any videos available to watch of Ivan Cornejo performing live?

Yes, you can see live renditions of Ivan Cornejo’s songs. Videos of his live performances and concerts are available on his official YouTube channel as well as other video-sharing websites. Fans frequently distribute video from his performances, giving others the chance to see him perform live.

Which accolades has Ivan Cornejo’s music received?

Ivan Cornejo has been honored for his musical contributions; he has been nominated for two awards at the Billboard Latin Music Awards and Premios Juventud, and he has topped Billboard’s Latin Songwriters list. Additionally, his CDs have performed well on a number of Billboard lists.

Where can I listen to or buy songs by Ivan Cornejo?

All of the major music services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon songs, and Deezer, offer Ivan Cornejo albums and song for purchase or streaming. His official website or music stores sell tangible copies of his albums to fans.

About Song + Lyrics by IVAN CORNEJO

Album Release Year Label Chart Positions Awards/Nominations
Album Name 1 2020 Label Name #1 Billboard Latin Albums Latin Grammy Nominee
Album Name 2 2021 Label Name #3 Billboard 200 MTV Music Award Winner
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