Daddy Yankee Gasolina Lyrics

Daddy Yankee Gasolina Lyrics

[Verso 1: Daddy Yankee]
Ella prende las turbina’, no discrimina
No se pierde ni un party de marquesina
Se acicala hasta pa’ la esquina
Luce tan bien que hasta la sombra le combina
Asesina, me domina
Janguea en carros, motoras y limusinas
Llena su tanque de adrenalina
Cuando escucha reggaetón en las bocina’

[Coro: Daddy Yankee & Glory]
A ella le gusta la gasolina (Oh, oh)
Dame más gasolina (Oh, oh)
Cómo le encanta la gasolina (Oh, oh)
Dame más gasolina (Oh)
A ella le gusta la gasolina (Oh, oh)
Dame más gasolina (Oh, oh)
Cómo le encanta la gasolina (Oh, oh)
Dame más gasolina (Oh)

[Verso 2: Daddy Yankee]
Aquí somos los mejores, no te me ajore’
En la pista nos llaman “Los Matadore'”
Tú hace’ que cualquiera se enamore
Cuando bailas al ritmo de los tambore’
Esto va pa’ las gatas de to’s colore’
Pa’ las mayore’, pa’ las menore’
Pa’ las que son más zorras que los cazadore’
Pa’ las mujeres que no apagan sus motore’

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(Oh, oh, oh, oh)
(Oh, oh, oh, oh)

FAQ Daddy Yankee Gasolina Lyrics

1. Which musicians are included in the song “China”?

With Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee bio, Karol G, Ozuna, and J Balvin, the song “China” is featured.

2. What is the song “China”‘s central theme?

The song’s core themes are enjoyment of life, nostalgia, and rekindling past connections. The song’s lyrics discuss getting back in touch with a former partner and remembering bygone days.

3. What kind of music is “China”?

“China” is a song in the reggaeton genre, which has its roots in Puerto Rico and is distinguished by a lively, danceable beat.

4. What does the song “China”‘s chorus talk about?

The song’s chorus conveys sentiments of connection and desire. It mentions how one can maintain a close relationship with a prior lover even when intoxicated and implies that the lover’s current relationship is unfulfilling.

5. What does the phrase “nos perdemos, nos parqueamos y lo prendemos” signify to you?

Translated, this means “we park, get lost, and light it up.” It implies a carefree way of going out, enjoying yourself, and maybe indulging in alcohol or tobacco.

6. How does the sentence “Dile al noviecito tuyo que con él te sientes fría” relate to the story?

“Tell your little boyfriend that with him you feel cold,” is how this statement is translated. In contrast to the warmth and closeness felt with the singer, it suggests that the lover’s existing relationship is not fulfilling or passionate.

7. How does the song’s message of revisiting the past get across to the listener?

The artists illustrate this point by expressing a wish to get back in touch with a former romantic partner, remembering their happy days together, and proposing that they get together once more to relive those times.

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8. How does the song “China” sound?

The song has a lighthearted and nostalgic tone. It blends nostalgia for the past with a lighthearted approach to rekindling previous connections.

9. Does the song “China” have a music video?

Yes, there is a music video for the song “China” that showcases all of the artists and uses colorful, upbeat scenes to visually express the song’s ideas.

10. Why is “China” such a well-known song?

The song “China” gained popularity because of its infectious reggaeton beat, the participation of other well-known musicians, and its accessible themes of joy, love, and nostalgia. The song is a favorite on the dance floor and in personal playlists because to its catchy beat and unforgettable lyrics.

About Daddy Yankee Gasolina Lyrics

ArtistsAnuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Karol G, Ozuna, J Balvin
Release DateJuly 19, 2019
Main ThemeNostalgia, rekindling old relationships, enjoying life
Chorus ThemeLonging and connection with a past lover
Key Lyrics“Cuando bebo, baby, yo me siento tuyo, tú te sientes mía”
Notable Line“Dile al noviecito tuyo que con él te sientes fría”
Music VideoYes, features all artists and vibrant, energetic scenes
ToneNostalgic, playful
Popular ElementsCatchy beat, collaboration of well-known artists, relatable themes
Recurring Phrase“Nos perdemos, nos parqueamos y lo prendemos”
SignificanceHighlights the contrast between past passionate relationships and current ones
Visual RepresentationVibrant and energetic scenes in the music video
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