Anuel AA Malo Lyrics

Anuel AA Malo Lyrics
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Anuel AA Malo Lyrics

[Intro: Anuel AA, Zion & Randy]
Real hasta la muerte, ¿oíste, bebé?
Mami, más de dos razone’ yo no necesito
Si te veo, el panty te quito
Me dice que si no la llevo a repetir e’ un delito
Que en su cama estoy invicto
Quiero accesar tu piel (Uah)
Recuerdo la primera vez que te ‘esnuaste y me dijiste: “Papi, amárrame” (Baby)
Hazme sexo salvaje, baby (Aight)

[Coro: Zion & Anuel AA]
Dicen quе soy el malo pero yo (Pero yo)
Soy еl que sacude to’ tu cuerpo (Oh)
Tu diablo, tu calor, mami, esto no fui yo (Esto no fui yo; oh)
Es que a ti te gustan bandolero’ (Oh)
Que te den con maldad, que te den sin perdón, baby
Yo soy el que sacude to’ tu cuerpo
Tu diablo, tu calor, mami, esto no fui yo
Es que a ti te gusta con maldad
Que te den sin perdón, que te jale el pelo (La AA)
Uh-ah, uh-ah, uh-ah

[Verso 1: Anuel AA]
La corta llena ‘e pólvora como en el Navy (¿Ah?)
Porque aquí se ensucia y no e’ pa’ modelarle los jean’ (¿Ah?)
Si ese culo e’ la NBA, yo soy D Wade en los Heat (Brr)
Tú ‘tá hackeá’, lo mismo si estuviera natural o operá’ (Operá’)
Sin brasiere’ porque quiere los do’ arete’ marca’o
‘Toy fundío’ de este la’o
‘Tá tan rica que me vine, pero no se me ha baja’o (Ha baja’o)
Te quiero desprender la lu’, doblá’ como una full (Brr)
Tú me ve’ y rápido mojá’ y lo sabes tú (Sabes tú)
Después nos vamo’ en el Lambo amarillo Pikachu (Pikachu)
Pa’ no aburrirme, no pongas cancione’ mía’ en YouTube (Brr)
Y si tú quiere’ volver a verme (Volver a verme)
‘Toy disponible pa’ chingar de vierne’ a jueve’ (A jueve’)
En tu familia dicen que van a matarme (A matarme)
Chíngame como si no va’ a volver a tenerme

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[Coro: Anuel AA, Anuel AA & Zion & Randy]
Dicen que soy el malo, pero yo (Yo)
Soy el que sacude to’ tu cuerpo (Oh-oh-oh)
Tu diablo, tu calor, baby, esto no fui yo (Esto no fui yo)
E’ que a ti te gustan bandolero’
Que te den con maldad, que te den sin perdón, baby
Yo soy el que sacude to’ tu cuerpo
Tu diablo, tu calor, baby, esto no fui yo (Esto no fui yo)
E’ que a ti te gusta bandolero’ (Yeah, yeah)
Que sea un hijueputa, que te jale el pelo (Brr)

[Verso 2: Randy]
Mami, tu la parte’, quiero felicitarte
Si fuera’ Picasso, tú fueras mi mejor arte
Nena, si te busco e’ porque tengo gana’ ‘e darte
Ese culo e’ tuyo, mami, ven y comparte
Te gustan bandolero’ y yo que soy un cuero
Nos montamo’ en la Mercede’ y hacemo’ un reguero
Veintitrés posicione’ pa’ que cante’ mis cancione’ (Uh-uh)
Tú me va’ a pedir que te meta sin condone’, qué cojone’
Aquí se gasta chavo’ con cojone’
La semana pasá’ le mandé a hacer lo’ melone’

[Verso 3: Zion]
Quiere que la amarre y que la lamba to’a
Le hago daño y vuelve, es que yo soy su droga
Solita se moja, se explota la rola
Ella e’ mi blanquita y la voy a dejar roja, yeah
Baby, no te vayas a resistir
Estoy loco por dejártela adentro
No puede’ vivir sin mí
Estamo’ claro’ que contigo conecto
Uh-ah, uh-ah, uh-ah (Ya already know)
Es masoquista, ella va a volver (Brr)
Uh-ah, uh-ah, uh-ah, ah-ah-ah

[Coro: Randy & Anuel AA, Anuel AA & Zion, Anuel AA]
Dicen que soy el malo, pero yo
Soy el que sacude to’ tu cuerpo
Tu diablo, tu calor, baby, esto no fui yo (Esto no fui yo)
E’ que a ti te gustan bandolero’
Que te den con maldad, que te den sin perdón, baby (Anuel)
Soy el que sacude to’ tu cuerpo
Tu diablo, tu calor, mami, esto no fui yo (Esto no fui yo)
E’ que a ti te gustan bandolero’
Que sea un hijueputa, que te jale el pelo (Brr)

[Outro: Anuel AA, Zion & Randy]
Real hasta la muerte, baby (Brr), baby
Real hasta la muerte, baby
Zion, baby
Lo’ intocable’, ¿oíste, bebé? (Ya already know)
Nota Loca
Anuel (Oh-oh, oh-oh)
Real hasta la muerte, ¿oíste, bebé? (Uh-ah)
Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren 2 coming soon
Lo’ intocable’, ¿oíste, bebé?
Real hasta la muerte

FAQ Anuel AA Malo Lyrics

Which musicians are included in the song “Malo”?

Anuel AA bio, Zion, and Randy are featured in the song “Malo”.

What is the song “Malo”‘s central theme?

The central idea of “Malo” is a passionate, even rebellious, romantic relationship. Topics of desire, attraction, and the appeal of a “bad boy” persona are covered in the lyrics.

“Malo” was released on July 14, 2022, as the lead single from Anuel AA’s fifth studio album “LLNM2” (Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren 2). The collaboration brings together three prominent figures in the reggaeton scene, with Anuel AA joining forces with Zion and Randy, who are known for their work as the duo Zion & Lennox. This track marks a significant moment in Anuel AA’s career, as it was his first release after a brief hiatus and signaled his return to the music industry.

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The song’s music video, directed by TruViews and Anuel AA himself, was filmed across multiple locations including Miami, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. It features the artists performing alongside 70 women, creating a visually striking and energetic backdrop for the track. The video also served as a platform for Anuel AA to reveal the alternative cover of his upcoming album “LLNM2,” generating buzz and anticipation among fans. “Malo” achieved commercial success, reaching number 38 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart and number 12 on the Latin Digital Song Sales chart, demonstrating the enduring popularity of these artists in the Latin music scene.

Which album does “Malo” come from?

“Malo” appears on the 2022 album “LLNM2” by Anuel AA and start making Anuel AA Net Worth.

What message does “Malo”‘s chorus convey?

The artists declare in the chorus that even if they are branded as “bad” or “malo,” they are the ones who infuse their partner’s life with passion and excitement. The song’s lyrics imply that their spouse finds something alluring in their untamed and wild side.

“Malo” was produced by who?

The lyrics to “Malo” do not specifically address the song’s production, however it is included on Anuel AA’s album “LLNM2.”

Which lines from the song stand out?

Among the noteworthy lyrics are:

    “Dicen que soy el malo pero yo, soy el que sacude to’ tu cuerpo” (They call me the villain, but I’m the one who gives you a full body shaking.)

    “Es que a ti te gustan bandolero'” (It’s because you enjoy bad boys.)

    “Después nos llevamos en el Lambo Pikachu amarillo” (We then ride in the yellow Lambo Pikachu)

What mood does the music have?

“Malo” has an aggressive, self-assured tone that combines sexiness and bluster. The entire song exudes an air of power and attraction from the performers.

Does the song have any noteworthy collaborations?

Yes, Anuel AA and Zion & Randy, two well-known acts in the reggaeton and Latin music scenes, collaborated on the song.

Why is the line “Real hasta la muerte” in the song significant?

The characteristic phrase “Real hasta la muerte” (which translates to “Real until death”) is frequently used by Anuel AA to denote honesty, loyalty, and a brave attitude. It establishes the mood for the song’s themes of genuineness and intensity in romantic relationships.

Who is the performer of “¿Qué Nos Pasó?”?

A: Anuel AA wrote the song “¿Qué Nos Pasó?” What is the song “¿Qué Nos Pasó?”‘s central theme?

A broken relationship and the ensuing feelings of betrayal and confusion are the song’s central themes.

What does the English phrase “¿Qué Nos Pasó?” mean?

A: “¿Qué Nos Pasó?” is the English translation of “What Happened to Us?”

What emotions does the song convey to the listener?

A: The song uses repeated questions and the realization that the other person’s professed love was a deception to communicate the artist’s feelings of sadness and betrayal.

What is the song’s repeated lyric that best expresses the artist’s sense of betrayal?

A: The song’s recurring lyric is “Tú me decías que me amabas, pero era mentira,” which translates to “You told me you loved me, but it was a lie.”

What role does the song’s structure play in its emotional effect?

A: The song’s structure, which includes repeated verses and a chorus, highlights the artist’s ongoing introspection and inner agony and heightens the song’s overall effect.

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What line from Anuel AA’s hallmark song appears in this one?

A: The song has Anuel AA’s trademark line, “Real hasta la muerte,” which translates to “Real until death.”

Is there a particular section of the song that keeps coming back?

A: The song’s chorus, “¿Qué nos pasó?” is repeated several times, emphasizing the main concern of what went wrong in the relationship.

Which genre does “¿Qué Nos Pasó?” fall under?

A: “¿Qué Nos Pasó?” is a song in the reggaeton and Latin trap genres.

Does the song have a video available for it?

A: There is no information on a music video in this FAQ. For the latest information on music videos, go visit the artist’s official channels.

What is “Si Tú Me Busca”‘s central idea?

“Si Tú Me Busca” is mostly about love, devotion, and the harsh reality of life on the streets. amid addition to presenting themes of trust and fortitude amid trying circumstances, the song highlights the relationship between the musicians and their significant ones.

Who are the song’s main performers?

Anuel AA and Yailin la Más Viral are the song’s main performers.

“Si Tú Me Busca” was released when?

On March 31, 2022, “Si Tú Me Busca” was made available.

“Real hasta la muerte”—what does that mean?

The English translation of “Real hasta la muerte” is “Real until death”. It represents a dedication to sincerity and allegiance, which is a common element in Anuel AA’s music.

How does the statement “Si tú me busca’, yo estoy en el barrio” mean?

In translation, this statement says, “If you’re looking for me, I’m in the neighborhood.” It represents the artist’s enduring ties to their hometown and community involvement, regardless of their level of success or notoriety.

What is the song’s message regarding relationships and trust?

The song talks about how important trust is in relationships, particularly when things are difficult. The remarks about not trusting some people and always being among trusted pals speak to the importance of loyalty and not trusting lightly.

“Si Tú Me Busca” was produced by whom?

Mundito High Class produced the song.

What does “Chuky” signify in this song?

In Dominican slang, “chuky” mainly refers to excitement or being pumped up.

What is the genre that “Si Tú Me Busca” falls under?

The song is classified as Latin Pop, Latin Urban, and reggaetón.

What does the sentence “Mi pistola tiene’ tus extensione'” mean?

The meaning of this statement, which translates to “My gun has your extensions,” is a strong bond and protection; it suggests that the artist will do whatever it takes to keep their loved one safe.

What does the song say about the way of life of the artists?

The song portrays a way of life that is firmly ingrained in the streets, along with themes of risk, devotion, and pride in their upbringing. It illustrates the hard facts and resiliency needed to survive in such a setting.

About Anuel AA Malo Lyrics

ArtistsAnuel AA, Zion & Randy
AlbumLLNM2 (2022)
GenreReggaeton, Latin Trap
ThemesPassion, Desire, “Bad Boy” Persona, Intense Relationships
Notable Lyrics“Dicen que soy el malo pero yo, soy el que sacude to’ tu cuerpo” (They say I’m the bad one, but I’m the one who shakes your whole body)
“Es que a ti te gustan bandolero'” (It’s that you like bad boys)
“Después nos vamo’ en el Lambo amarillo Pikachu” (Then we go in the yellow Lambo Pikachu)
ToneAssertive, Confident, Sensual, Braggadocious
CollaborationsAnuel AA with Zion & Randy
Signature Phrase“Real hasta la muerte” (Real until death)
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